Custom Web App Development

The benefits of custom web app development

Are you exhausted from managing the laborious traditional business management system? If you want to take your business online or promote online business management, custom web app development is the key to business upgrades.

Although the Google Play Store and Apple App Store have more than six million apps in their arsenal combined, in the first quarter of 2022, it is reported that app downloads amounted to an estimated 36.8 billion; the truth is that native mobile apps aren’t always the right choice for businesses.

There are some great reasons to develop an Android or iOS app – access to billions of users and the ability to leverage functionality on users’ devices – but progressive web apps should not be ignored as an alternative.

A strong website is a real asset to your business, potentially enhancing overall profitability. It is a digital window to your business world. It is essential to have a well-designed, high-speed, responsive, and customer-friendly website that will help you reach a relevant and significant customer base.

What is custom web app development?

Custom Web App Development is the process of creating a website taking in to account the brand persona and customer needs. Features like website layout, font family, and colours are considered to enhance your online brand. This development and web optimization method can turn your business into a functional reality.

In the booming digital era, your website is a true reflection of your business. The success of website development shows the growth of the business thus, it is essential to have a great web application for Your Business.

Custom Web App Development with data-driven digital marketing is a great way to engage with your customers digitally. If it is an e-commerce website, online shopping, or any other utility, UI and UX are what draw the leads to your business.

Below, we’ve grouped some of the important benefits of custom web app development.

1. Scalable software solution

Maybe one of the great benefits of custom web app development over native app development is that you can scale your software to suit the varying needs of your business and customers.

The probabilities are that your business looks different today from how it did a few years ago. With a custom web app, you can shape, adapt, and turn your user experience without having to write completely new software for iOSAndroid, and other native platforms.

Custom web applications do exactly what they say on the tin – offer the same functionality as an application but work on web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. They can be easily updated and work across all platforms, providing a high level of flexibility and enabling you to make changes immediately, instead of managing multiple applications and deploying updates that take time to get approved.

2. Enhanced customer base

Custom Web App Development is designed and developed, keeping users’ choice of desire in use. Deep research on competitor analysis with your specific business requirements are taken into account when creating your web app.

Thus, when the user visits your website, they will likely engage with it and get converted into valuable leads. Enhancing your customer base becomes very easy with custom web app development.

3. Advanced SEO

Custom web apps work on smartphones and can be adapted to work on other devices like laptops, iPads, and desktop computers, making them far more flexible and adaptable.

As a result, you can also take advantage of advanced SEO and ensure your web app appears for relevant keywords on Google and Bing. On the App Store and Play Store, you have to compete with thousands of other app developers for a place on the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can leverage your SEO specialists for your web app to target your ideal audience and grasp organic traffic straight to the software.

For example, if you’re offering a free piece of custom software that helps logistics companies find new routes and clients, and users can access the software on whichever device they’re using, you’re likely to rank high on search engines for keywords like ‘find logistics jobs’ and ‘logistics software’. There are some terrific digital PR opportunities in that regard, too.

4. Great Flexibility

A business needs to update their website when required. The backend of the website or web application need not be complex to add or update simple information like price, description, and new products.

The custom web application makes your website highly flexible so anyone with admin rights on the website can make the necessary changes. This means you can easily keep your customers up-to-date.

5. Custom API development

Apple and Google offer advanced APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable you to take benefits of features like Siri and machine learning. The truth is, a custom web app provides you more flexibility and control over the functionality you want to include. Developing an application that’s tailored to your business and client requirements means that you can avoid some of the sticking points many native app developers face, and you’ll be able to integrate with all of your currently used processes and software.

Creating your own APIs also means that other app developers, clients, and suppliers can pay to use your custom software, which will position your business as an authority in your domain and enhance efficiencies across the board.

Custom Web App Development also permits you to automate business processes. Apple and Google are very strict on how applications can interact with other third-party software and content, whereas with a custom web app, you’re in control of the workflow and can easily integrate software to save time and enhance productivity.

For instance, you could add contact information that’s received when a user signs up to your application to your CRM system for future sales purposes, or screen new user sign-ups based on remarketing lists and your Ad campaigns on social media platforms.

6. High Page Speed

It is estimated that on average, the user leaves a webpage within five seconds if the page loading speed is slow. When page loading time increases, users feel irritated, and likely to switch to another website. Thus, page speed becomes a key factor to consider for user engagement.

In custom web app development, your website images, CSS, jQuery, are optimised so that the enhanced page loads quickly and provides a good user experience.

7. Control through the user journey

A custom web app development enables you to take responsibility for every step of your user’s journey and ensure customers want to stick around and interact with your custom software. Whereas on the Google Play Store and App Store you need to find ways to get users to search for your application, enter their Google Account password or Apple ID and then download it. With a custom web application, you can find new ways to on-board users through SEO, landing pages, social media marketing, QR codes, email marketing, and more.

Framing how users will find you and use your custom software means that you can A/B test and find new ways to build the trust and loyalty of your customers. It could be something as simple as offering a free trial or providing gamification to your content.

In brief, a custom web app means you’re in control over users’ journeys. You decide how and where your app can be used.

8. Enhanced security controls

Apps published to the App Store and Play Store must conform to security scrutiny from Apple and Google, but creating a custom web application means that you’ll have total control over the cyber security of your software. This is both a blessing and a curse as though you can choose which features you do and don’t want to include in your application, you have more responsibility and commitment for handling your customers’ data and must work to stay compliant.

When built correctly, custom software solutions can be harder to crack and make your software less susceptible to attacks and vulnerabilities. Ensure you’re implementing the right and strong cyber security features to give both your customers and stakeholders peace of mind, from high-level authentication to biometrics. You can still take advantage of features like Google Authenticator and Sign in with Apple without needing to use their app platforms.

Wrap up

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