Saas vs. custom software

Custom Software Development vs. SaaS (Software as a Service) : What to Choose?

The two main options available with reference to choosing software for your business are bespoke software solutions and SaaS. These two procedures provide the digital assistance essential for your business. The trouble is deciding on which is better for your business? These are a few crucial factors which you should take into account before you make a choice.


What level of customisation do you require on the system? Two businesses cannot be similar; this suggests that each and every business maintains its own distinct software requirements. Custom software development accommodates you for thorough customisation to comply with all your business demands. On the contrary it may look as if SaaS suits all your business demands. Actually you can only select the features you need within a limited area.


SaaS applications have progressed largely along with including various performances to take in different business frameworks. SaaS solutions may not bring all the functionalities needed in one schedule owing to limited customisation. This leads to businesses having to purchase different applications to implement all their software requirements. As far as it does not obstruct the business procedures or cause any difficulties it is not an issue. As custom software is developed according to your business’ interest; you can include whatever features and functions you need.

Learning curve

Custom software likely has a longer learning period than SaaS applications. SaaS solutions are generally easy to use and need very little practice because they are designed as generic applications, Custom software does not need any employee training or time to get people on track with its operations because of its uniqueness.

Price and time

It is more expensive to develop custom software than buying a SaaS package which is almost the same. The price difference is expounded because you don’t really own the software with SaaS, Instead you only pay for the services it implements. The software is totally yours once it is developed for you, the developer will have no rights regarding it. Other than ownership, the high cost of custom software is also validated by its distinct performance and importance in the business.

You cannot expect to get bespoke designs immediately, because it will take time to develop the software. It may take weeks or months depending on the size of the project. Initiating with SaaS is the same as buying off-the-shelf software; it hardly takes any time to launch and move forward.

Choosing between SaaS and custom software

Undoubtedly, the most important aspects to be considered while choosing between the two are expense and performance. SaaS is the straightforward resolution, if you intend to spend less on software at the price of unique performance. On the other hand if you require software with exclusive features and one which can be fully employed then you will have to agree to pay more for custom solutions.

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