Your Mob

Your Mob is a nationally recognised platform for enabling indigenous individuals to share and experience culture with the wider Australian community.

Scheduling event management

The Challange

They were stuck in the dark ages of using manual emails and calls with organisations to book cultural services and then manually communicating these bookings with relevant indigenous individuals. This manual processing presented the following challenges:

1. High labour cost.

2. Disjointed communication.

3. Poor visibility of job status.

The Solution

We built Your Mob a custom online platform that is easy to use and is highly accessible by all their collaborators.

The new platform allows organisations to directly request particular services and receive offers from different indigineous service providers within minutes, and provide reviews upon the completion of services.

Our solution also enables mobile accessibility, ensuring that indigineous service providers can make offers and communicate with the organisations booking their services.

On service demand platform


Through implementation of our new platform, Your Mob has significantly reduced their labour costs as well as greatly enhanced their customer experience through real-time tracking of services and reliable communication channels.

The light-weight new system is designed to scale with ease alongside the growth of the organisation and grants their administration valuable insight into business analytics.

Finally, financial transactions, user experience information and all other management tools are now accessible in one location, further streamlining the role of their administration.

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