progressive web apps

What is Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and 10 reasons why your business needs Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are built-in software designed for enhancing user-experience of targeted audience while they are checking your website through web. Let’s see some reasons why they are needed in your business.

PWA enhances user experience

As said, it enhances user experience as it provides an easy interface to use for consumers even when they are using desktop or tablets. Your users get to see all features and services your business is providing to them in a better way through using interactive tools.

They improve sale conversions

The process becomes more interactive and easy by using PWA, so consumers are more likely to make a purchase as time is made more valuable. Your cart section also becomes more handy that does not disregard the online shopping experience.

PWA leaves a good impression

A PWA shows your business cares about how it looks to its targeted consumers. This creates confidence in the brand to make a purchase. It shows that you have took out time to think to add value to your business.

Your websites gets a competitive edge

They are more likely to choose using websites that are more performative in their actions as compared to dull, inflexible sites that you often see on the search engines.

Users remember your website

When your website looks like a fully functional app, they would remember that experience they got in a browser. Next time they are thinking about making a purchase regarding your services or products, they will remember which site to browse first.

PWA also works offline

PWA also works offline which means it has built-in caches that capture consumers’ previous behaviour on the site and save it for further use when offline. So, the add-to-cart options are still saved.

Improved page speed

When the caches are there for the website and people get a more interactive interface, the page speed is automatically improved which adds to the interest of the target customer.

Reduction in server load

There is reduced server load through the integration of caches and other technological features in the web assisted by PWA. This will improve your Return on Investment and make your site more profitable.

Cost effective to develop

Your site will become more cost effective as using one software in your site, you get to have multiple features and error fixes. Your page speed will also increase which will improve the impact your website is going to have on its customers.

No App store needed to launch

You will not need to pay any app store to launch your site with PWA. That means you get to build an almost app-like site without investing in placing that app in the app store and waiting for the approval.

We hope this article gave you insight on how getting Progressive Web Apps for your website can significantly improve your business growth in the online market.