How we develop software?

Every project is unique - and so our coding is too! We bring a completely fresh mindset to each and every software build we undertake, but we utilise the following 6 step process in order to ensure we meet your requirements and provide an impactful solution.

1.Project Discovery

We discuss your current business processes as well as the purpose of the intended solution. Whether it is to directly increase your business productivity through automation or to build your brand through a more accessible web interface, the project discovery stage will allow us to understand your motivations and align the solution to these.

Software development process -project Discovery
Software development process -Solution presentation

2.Project Proposal

We deliver a project proposal document that outlines the key details of our engagement like how we will work with you, specific features of the product we intend to build, estimated costs, delivery dates and terms of agreement. This proposal ensures that we’re both on the same page leading into the project.

3.Project Planning

Once you’ve given us the green light to commence, we’ll begin collaboratively planning the exact requirements of the project. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the software solution we’re about to develop as well as how and when we will communicate updates with you to be most effective.

Software development process -project planning
Software development process -programming


We bring your vision to life by coding your web application based on the project requirements we’ve confirmed. Our highly skilled team have experience building web applications for Django, Laravel and Microsoft .Net framework as well as a wide range of ECommerce platforms. We leverage our industry knowledge to design highly functional applications while aiming to minimise maintenance cost.

5.Quality Assurance Testing

We ensure that the solution we’ve developed works as intended by first running it in a test environment. This allows us to debug and fine-tune your application before it is introduced to your real-world work situation, providing quality assurance so that you can feel confident it will be successful upon implementation.

Software development process - Software testing
Software development process - Software training


We implement your web application and ensure it operates successfully once it’s live. To guarantee your peace of mind, we will provide relevant members of your team with training on how to correctly utilise our solution and will continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure it continues to function optimally.

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