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Important Features for a Successful Mobile App

Need help planning new features for your application? Irrespective of its category, statistics show that your application should grow faster if you implement one or more of the features discussed in this blog article.

1. Get Social

A chat function gives application users another reason to re-connect with your app daily. In-app communication channels permit communities to establish them around your application and use it for everyday conversation.

The open communication channel between app users is one thing. If you can open a channel of communication between you – the developer – and the user in a stable fashion, you’d be placing yourself into a highly advantageous position. Direct feedback is priceless for making improvements to your app: consider providing expert analysis to requesting users, or some other form of guidance that offers users a motive to communicate with you. If you’re more productive or the value of your communication justifies it, you can even charge application users for this feature later in the app’s lifetime – advice can only be accessed by premium users, for instance.

Leave users with a motive to share your app. Offer special rewards and services for users that share your app; services they’d otherwise need to pay for. Some app features are overall better if they’re used with friends. First of all, make it easy for users to invite their friends to download your app.

2. Update content

As application users employ time-passing features such as videos or lengthy guides, your app’s user session volume and length will increase, supporting how good your app is ranked on the app store – both app store ranking algorithms take these two factors into consideration. Of course, the efficacy of this strategy will depend on your app’s content quality. Rolling through quality content will give users a reason to re-connect with your app. If you update your app content regularly, you’re assured to observe a growth in user session length and retention rates.

3. Always offer a habit support

Consider features that application users will want to use on a daily basis. A user-friendly function that suggests a nuance to an otherwise ordinary ritual will make your app highly considered by potential users; just make sure the app remains on task with its designed function.

The more time a user spends on your app, the more willing they will be willing to spend money for a better experience. Suppose your app can target a problem and satisfy its niche flawlessly. In that case, it’ll clearly extract daily user engagement, and those loyal application users would feel as though they’d benefit from paying extra for that improved experience.

4. Gamification

It may need more time to develop but think about adapting your app’s design with a competitive twist. Have app users compete against each other for boast rights or award top-score with exclusive bonus content. As application users try to earn higher scores, they will engage with your app more regularly.

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