Struggling to manage your business on a spreadsheet?

You have been using spreadsheets for many years, and you are happy with it as it is really working for you. And you may have many satellite spreadsheets that connect to the main one. You feel it is convenient because it works for you most of the time. But it is unreliable sometimes, as you have to refresh the right link at the right time to keep your details updated. If you don’t, you may lose the newly entered data.

You are happy and you may schedule reminders to update links or refresh it. But imagine if a new person comes into your business, taking up your responsibility, or a new product introduced into your business, or implementing a new process; here you have to admit that you run the risk of ruining your spreadsheets because you have to keep patching and making changes and you also have to do it manually. But this patching will lead you into further issues sooner or later.

Institute of Indigenous Australia (IOIA) are an Indigenous owned and operated educational institution specialising in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were using Spreadsheets, and paper based systems to track their student activities and other follow ups. It was working fine for them. But when they started handling more data, scaling up the business process became hard. Teams were accessing the same spreadsheet, and this ends up delaying saving their details at a time. Sometimes they were not able to view updated sheets.

IOIA contacted ISH Technologies and shared the issues they were facing. We developed a Bespoke Student Communication Tracker System for them which runs online, and this Communication Tracker System is so flexible, it helps to make their processes scalable and more robust.

This enabled:

  • IOIA admin to register students and save all communication records in the system, which can be viewed at anytime.

  • Principal can get 360 degree view on his business

  • Through ISH student communication tracker system, both admin and Test & Assessment staff can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and can add activities run time.

  • Both Admin and Test & Assessment team to feel that they are using same excel tracking system as ISH Technologies designed and developed exactly what they are using now. It is hard for them to believe that they are using some new software as they feel it is the same excel method which they used to follow before.

Jermaine Albert’s of IOIA initially met with the ISH Technologies team, and was impressed with their service from the start – “We were looking for cost effective solutions to administration and job recording in the office. The ISH Technologies team visited us on site and provided an impressive demonstration of their services.”

As Jermaine confirms, “The ISH Technologies team is helpful, professional, and efficient and nothing is too much trouble, they understood our problems and made the solutions sound simple”.

If you would like us to help you improve the way you work, or would like to read more about what we did for IOIA, then please call us, or click here for more information.

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