Is it possible to run your whole company using one simple software?

Yes. It is possible to run your whole company using one simple system. Imagine this system allows you and your staff to capture, manage and track all customer transactions and entire workflow process stages.

Also think if the same system speeds up your communication both internal and external. If so the whole team feels happy to work and share job details easily by responding to enquiries and sales leads quickly. And the most important benefit is no duplication of tasks among teams, as communication is clear. Wouldn’t it be really great if things go like that?

You can enjoy the benefits of an integrated system that gives you a bird’s eye view of all the activities of your company. How can this be possible? It is simple because this integrated system is used by all your field staff, sales teams and all departments of your company, and the system saves every detail for you in a secured place which you can view later whenever you want.

A CRM System

The integrated system or single system is known as CRM, a customised Customer Relationship Management System which can control your company set up, product or service, at the heart of your business! A CRM or bespoke system will help you run your business from anywhere through internet connection from computer, laptop, tablet, I-pad or Smartphone.

The Benefits

Time and money

By using this single application, you can create and save customer details, work activities, schedule team’s tasks, track runtime workflow etc. This will help you save time and money.

Positive working environment

A perfect CRM will help you create a better and positive working environment; this will result in increasing the productivity of your company within a short period of time.

Business growth

A bespoke system enables you manage all activities and gives you real time reports which helps you focus on weak areas, and this will enhance your business growth.


Sharing of tasks between departments will help your team know exactly what each person is doing. So everybody’s task is clear, and no duplication of tasks thereafter. Just think, your marketing and sales team working together to follow up a potential lead, if communication is clear you’ll never miss that lead right?

Automated Processes

By adopting CRM, you can automate more regular or repetitive tasks for your team, so that they need not come to you to check their allocated tasks. You can schedule it from your system, and when they login into their department, they see the notification regarding today’s task or urgent tasks to be performed. This will save you time and money and maximize your potential too.

Improved Customer Service

As mentioned earlier; single system will help you capture and manage your customers easily. This system will help you know more about your customers, as it allows analyzing of the stages of customer relationships. You can handle them well by understanding their behavior, like what they want, when they want, when you should approach or remind them about your products etc.

The next steps

If you are ready to know more about CRM and its benefits, we are ready to explain it to you. ISH Technologies specialises on bespoke software development, specially tailored to your business needs. Our custom application software and bespoke systems can improve your business vision.

Our friendly team will be happy to discuss how we can help you meet your business challenges with a custom database software solution.

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