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Risks Involved in Mobile App Development

Risks Involved in Mobile App Development:

In today’s world, the usage of app is very common. There is an app for everything that you need. It has become a necessity these days. However, have you ever thought how difficult it is to build a successful app by the app developer?

As an app developer, a mobile app idea is not the only thing to build a successful app. It won’t help until and unless you justify its potential, through development and having good marketing plans. Before it begins consider the competition in various app stores, and you also have to develop an app with standout features and functionality.

It will only take few seconds to download an app from the app store, but there is a lot of struggle involved by the developer to build them. In this article we would like to discuss about some mistakes that are intentionally or unintentionally made by the developer during the development time.

Building an app that is not useful for end users:

What is the use of an app that is not useful to anyone? Actually this is the most common mistake which every developer and development companies make while building an app. You have to consider the end users thoughts while developing an app because they are the ones that use your app and they should know the works that they need best.

Adding more features into one app:

Many companies and developers think that adding many features in to an app will gain more attention. But adding too many features in a single application has some disadvantages:

● Too many features make the app look confusing and clumsy.

● Adding unwanted features can make your app heavier and slow down the loading speed.

So keeping the app as simple as possible, only add the features that are really wanted for the app and ignore the features that are hard to use.

Assuming that your app is build perfectly:

Once your app is build don’t think that your work is over. Launch your app and wait for the user’s feedback. These feedbacks will help you to get a clear picture of your app. In these feedbacks, both negative and positive comments will be there. Then work on the negative reviews and make your app better. Mobile app development always needs corrections and updates frequently to attract more users. It needs to be marketed widely to reach more potential users for them to download your app.

Not serving anything unique:

There are millions of apps in different app stores and they may have the same app like yours. So if your app wants to be a highlight from all these you has to build an app with unique features. Don’t copy features of other apps, it won’t work. You can take only ideas from similar apps in the app store.

Developing apps for many platforms at once:

There are only 3 major app stores that we may know. Google play store, apple app store, and windows app store. Huge companies can develop app for 3 stores at once. But if you are a small or medium sized company don’t go for all the platforms at once. It will be very expensive. You don’t have to consider only development costs but marketing costs too. So it is advisable to target them one by one. Choose the best one for you. Apple store helps to generate more revenue and google play store helps in making your app viral.

Gather reference from websites:

One of the common mistakes made by the developers or company is trying to use the existing web pages for the app. But it would not be perfect when it comes to mobile application. All the designs will change according to the changes in screen size. Develop an app that provides value to your users.

Bad UI/UX:

A good user interface is must needed for the mobile application. Our apps should be user-friendly and make sure to give our users a good experience. A good user interface helps the user to navigate easily through the website.So now you might have got some ideas about the mistakes that will happen while building a mobile application. Just keeping it in mind and rectifying these mistakes can help you to build an app that is almost perfect.

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