Excel is widely used by most B2B companies to track their sales and marketing activities because they think it is easy to manage and their employees are very familiar with it. But there are other B2B companies who use customer relationship management to efficiently manage their business and profitably use the data.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a user interface which has a database, in which you can easily create, edit, delete, share and report your data. In spite of its advantages, Excel is becoming a failure for every growing business. Although Excel is the best tool for calculations, it is not a good database.

Excel has only limited interface capabilities and it has no relational databases. If your items exceed hundreds, then it will be hard to manage them through Excel. And imagine what will happen if your items are in excess of thousands!

Another thing you may have faced or are facing is poor sharing ability. For example, if you have a master sheet that contains a list of clients to be followed up by your sales rep and there are multiple copies with other departments. But if you add a new client or delete one, it will not get updated in the other copies. Then when you enter into a meeting, there may be argument regarding which list is the updated one.

If you have 10 sales reps and they are keeping an Excel file of their own key customers, then how will you link it to your master file? The situation will be worse while trusting Excel for updates. How can you conduct a realistic sales forecast meeting with them?

On the other hand if you are using a custom CRM for running the entire activities of your company, there is no place to hide for sales reps, and no other simple excuses running between departments. Like a bird’s eye view, it is open for all and everybody can track each others' activities. In a perfect CRM everybody’s work is well defined and notifications will be emailed to the authorized persons in case of failure or delay of the assigned tasks, so everybody has to be alert while performing duties as your teammates can view your performance graph in CRM.

In CRM all repetitive tasks are automated and notified to all departments so that they can start their work without any delay, so the working process goes from one department to another in a better way than ever before. Nobody is there to instruct you daily but you can see the to-do list displayed each day when you enter into your CRM system.

Customer info is the core information of your business, and if not well handled, will result in the failure of your business. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Excel are stated below:

Advantages of Excel

  • Easy to use

  • Familiar to most employees

  • Economical to small business with limited business transactions

Disadvantages of Excel

  • Sharing of data between different locations is not possible

  • Not accessible to multiple users

  • Sometimes if changes are made in the master sheet, they may not update in copies, which will result in high data loss

  • It can be easily transportable to places outside your business, even you competitors can access it

  • It is not secure

  • If any error occurs, it is hard to find it

  • Not helpful for businesses having huge transactions

You can make your business successful only if you keep your customer relationships strong. This can be done by effectively managing your customers from their initial meeting till delivery of products or services at the right time in the right way. Database software helps you to manage your customers across the entire company among sales, marketing and customer service.

Some of the advantages of database software are stated below:

  • You can build long lasting client relationships thorough your personalised services

  • Reduce cost by streamlining your business operations

  • Quick response to your clients

  • Targeted marketing campaigns with positive results

  • Real forecasting of sales

  • Track sales more effectively so that you can save time and money

  • Accurate flow of products, so that you can order products at the right time, keeping your client happy and generating a positive thought in your client’s mind that you never make them wait for their orders

  • Increase credibility among clients due to your effective sales method

  • Can bring all your departments like sales, accounts, marketing together in a common goal

  • Can overcome the disadvantages of Excel

If you are thinking to import your Excel data to a more safe system like CRM or custom business database software, please contact ISH Technologies.

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