The Challenge

McPhee Freight Pty Ltd is an entirely Australian owned logistics company, specialising in the shipment of vehicles and machinery. Established in 1998, the team at McPhee have helped hundreds of commercial businesses with their transportation requirements.

While experiencing rapid growth, the company found that their current management system was fast becoming ineffective and that their staff were struggling with the volume of work due to highly manual processes. Forms with essential bookings' information were required to be manually sent to third-party members for processing and everything was managed using basic software and spreadsheets.

McPhee had always operated smoothly as a company, however, as their client base increased in volume, they faced the following challenges:

  • It was time-consuming to track and manage essential data for each client, due to this data being spread across multiple access points.
  • The team were unable to identify the real-time status of particular products being transported.
  • Report generation was highly time-consuming, costing the company unnecessary wages.
  • Staff productivity was restricted, reducing the overall profitability of the company.

Our Solution

We reviewed the current system employed by McPhee Freight and analysed their workflow to design and build a custom management application to fit their particular requirements.

Utilising an entirely web-based software, our solution provided McPhee with essential data connectivity between their various branches located across the country. All booking information is now submitted through this application, centralising the essential information of the company.

This new system was also integrated with the McPhee website, allowing automatic generation of status reports which are directly sent to the relevant clients via email.

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