Demurrage Solutions

Demurrage Solutions is an Australian provider of container crew services and they have been continually growing since 2009.

The Challenge

Their work processes required a number of critical forms to be submitted by staff including work orders, inspection checklists, hazard reports and job updates. This was all handled via a paper-based system resulting in the following challenges:

1. High cost to track and manage data.

2. High environmental impact from paper waste.

3. Reduced staff productivity.

“ With 40 employees on the field and several branches to manage, we were generating an incredible amount of paper. Making changes to existing forms and then having to make sure everyone had the new versions was also a pain”
- Demurrage Co-Owner Peter Bryn-Holland

The Solution

We built Demurrage Solutions a custom mobile platform with compatibility for all major Android & iOS devices. All relevant forms are now filled and submitted through the platform, completely digitising their old workflow.

We also digitised their Health & Safety documentation, time sheets and employee inductions, further streamlining their standard work processes.


Our custom management platform has completely converted Demurrage Solutions to a paperless organisation. This greatly reduces their impact on the environment while significantly increasing their business efficiency.

Enhanced mobile accessibility has reduced the time it takes Demurrage to invoice their clients and staff are more productive across the board due to having less friction in their processes.

The real-time tracking of all job activity from a single platform makes it easy for everyone in the organisation to stay connected.

“ In addition to no longer filling file cabinets with high volumes of paper forms, we are now able to get the information from job sites in real time. There is no more office data entry requirement. Plus, the data is easily accessible from anywhere, anytime”
- Demurrage Co-Owner Peter Bryn-Holland

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We were working with paperwork and multiple systems and very hard to keep track of the boys and what jobs were on. Now our fully integrated and customised web & mobile apps, systemise our operations and help us to track all our jobs in real time with anywhere any device.Peter Bryn-Holland ,Co-founder - Demurrage Solutions

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