NQ Dry Tropics

NQ Dry Tropics is a self-made community-based business which leads to a progress in using the best methods for the management of water, land and biological diversity in the dry tropical areas of North Queensland. Established in the year 2002, we offer explanations which benefit landscapes, livelihoods and communities in the future.



NQ Dry Tropics has plans to build an image library on a NAS (Network attached storage) on the intranet at NQDT. They are in search of a custom software solution that can be accessed by their staff with their Google logins to search, download and upload from computers in remote locations as well as outside the office building.

They can search it – using metadata keywords - for images and videos.Images and videos will be stored in folders, filed in Year folders and named according to a classification.

The main objective is to provide a tool for staff members with hardly any knowledge of metadata to submit their photos to the library. It should be very user-friendly and present the lowest possible barrier to submit the material.


ISH technology has successfully designed a custom intranet portal which has enabled NQ Dry Tropics employee’s security share information between the team and subcontractors. The system consists of personnel information such as; staff profiles, department and contact information.

The program uses the NAS in administering metadata in files etc. When uploading NAS user data, it should be notified by email to the NAS Administrator.



Through the intranet portal managers will be able to take up internal staff surveys throughout the company thus sharing documents and content directly either with a single user or a group of users from a particular department or project team, in real time. The real-time flow of documents and data through the intranet portal reduces the pressure on the company's email exchange system thus backing their goal of Paperless Office.

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