NQ Dry Tropics

Employee portal development

The Challenge

NQ Dry Tropics is a community-driven organisation that consults on water management methods as well as land and biological diversity in the dry tropical areas of North QLD.

They wanted to create an image library that could be accessed only by their staff, allowing them to search, upload and download images remotely.

The objective was to create a software tool that would allow for useful images to be submitted to the library and relevant images to be easily discovered.

For the library to be searched accurately, staff needed to be able to submit relevant metadata with each photo. However, they’d not had any experience with metadata previously - so the challenge was to make the upload process intuitive.

Our Solution

We successfully created a custom intranet portal that enables the employees of NQ Dry Tropics to easily share and access work related information remotely.

It utilises their existing google login information to track and manage permissions across the system which consists mainly of personnel information such as staff profiles and contact details.

The Result

Through implementation of our custom intranet portal, employees of NQ Dry Tropics are able to share information and documents internally with a great level of flexibility.

Content uploaded to the library can be open for access to all users (AKA all NQ Dry Tropics employees) or shared only with particular people within the organisation.

The real-time flow of data through our custom portal solution reduces pressure on the company’s email exchange system and allows them to better track useful content while supporting their goal to become fully paperless.

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