MPDT - Tree Service Management Software -Australia

The Challenge

MPDT is one of the fastest growing vegetation management companies in Cairns, QLD. Their team of arborists are fully qualified to undertake all kinds of complex projects.

They realised that the current processes they were using to manage everything from accounting to equipment and personnel scheduling were outdated and impacting them in the following ways:

1. Inefficiencies wasted time and restricted productivity

2. They found it difficult to maintain compliance

3. They were failing to deliver projects on time

4. Lack of visibility lead to poor budget decision making

Our Solution

We created a custom software solution that captured all company interactions from project enquiry to project completion. The all-in-one platform allows their personnel to:

● Create estimates and quotes on-site

● Setup and manage schedules for multiple work orders simultaneously

● Capture technician expenses and time allocation information automatically

● All project activity integrates with health & safety records which can also be updated on-site

Mobile app development
Custom business dashboard development

The Result

Now, MPDT operates in a completely different way to the past. Our custom solution has completely digitised their processes, empowering them to achieve business efficiency increases.

Increased visibility into project activity enables their administration team to be more productive and our intuitive drag and drop functionality makes it easy for them to schedule and maintain work orders. As a result, they no longer fail to complete projects on time!

Their technicians are better equipped in the field and can now capture vital job information more effectively. This results in increased productivity for the organisation as well as increasing their employee satisfaction by streamlining their processes.

The ability to generate service reports based on time and expense information helps MPDT avoid billing errors and now that all their important data is stored in a single platform, they find that their compliance is automatically taken care of.

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