Spinnaker Consultancy Services is a company specialising in the Hazardous area and High Voltage disciplines. Spinnaker wanted to reduce its hazardous area, audit time and improve its accuracy. The main objective was to develop more accurate reports so that the management could undertake much more accurate and targeted business decisions for the management of the hazardous area assets.
After evaluating a few ready-made software products and platforms that provide limited flexibility and customization, they decided to develop a custom software application that could speed up the audit while maintaining accuracy.

The downside of paper audits:

● Undertaking manual paper auditing reports is very time consuming.

● Tracking of errors due to manual entry is very difficult.

● Maintaining accuracy of inspection information is hard.

● Capturing images and connecting with relevant reports is time consuming.

● A long time between the inspection and the information getting to the back office.


Working closely with different user groups and management teams, ISH Technologies has developed a fully integrated online and tablet app that allows the inspector to perform and complete equipment inspections onsite. The back-office users can generate own reports as csv or pdf real time.
The tablet captures the user details, date and time so it helps to increase accountability and transparency for each audit. Tablet users can capture defect photos and fill the protection techniques with simple user-friendly interface. This will save wastage of paper and manually re-enter the data again.



● Paperless Hazardous Area equipment inspections.
● Accuracy of information gathered.
● Greatly reduced management time required to process completed inspections.
● Information is readily available (Auditing purposes).
● Defect transparency and rectification efficiency.
● Speed of defect recognition and rectification.
● Financial savings and cost reductions.
● Proactive maintenance.
● Accurate scheduling of resources.

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