The Challenge

Airmech is a full suite mechanical services company in the Gold Coast. Founded in 2002, they provide a range of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services, to both public and private markets, with particular experience servicing commercial clients.

Airmech specialises in speedy support and installations for their existing clients and are continually taking on new building projects. The management system they were using was highly manual and involved basic tools such as excel spreadsheets for all their quotes, claims and purchase orders etc. Without a proper management system, Airmech was facing the following challenges:

  • It was difficult or impossible to access real-time work updates.
  • Project Managers had to go through multiple excel-sheets, which was highly time-consuming.
  • Manual management of data led to many cases of human error, causing inaccuracies in their reports.
  • Quotes, claims and purchase orders needed to be manually generated and this was costing the company in unnecessary wages.

Our Solution

We worked with Airmech to review their overall work process and analysed our finding to determine areas of impact we could assist in. Based on this, we created user stories and utilised these to develop a custom software solution to address the issues faced by their team.

Our management system was designed to mimic their existing workflow but provide enhanced access to all users, as well as permissions control to users of particular status. This would mean that management level staff could check work status reports with a single click, while regular staff would be able to access essential work applications remotely.

Our custom software solution is an entirely new digital platform, enabling Airmech staff to easily generate quotes, claims and purchase orders from computer or mobile, and their management team to more effectively monitor the daily activities of the company.

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