RiverCity Environmental Projects

Our client is a well known service provider for environmental projects to some of the most popular companies and government affairs. They had to change their paper based document management solution which would work on multiple mobile technologies including, Apple, Windows and Android.



ISH technologies’ clients were aware of the fact that they had to remain competitive to move to a mobile platform. They needed a custom made real-time job management and monitoring system that included GPS tracking, and the ability to store images like photographs and proof of delivery with signatures for each and every delivery. Most importantly, data synchronisation was necessary between multiple technologies, thus making sure that all related information could be stored for all completed tasks.

We were asked to make sure that the technology can automate messages between employees at home, management teams and customers, automate scheduling, reporting and control of digital documents.
We have been selected as the best mobile technology for mobile phones as we have demonstrated the capability to meet all customer mobile app requirements in stringent and tough time frames.


ISH technologies’ solution assured data made it easier to connect between mobiles and the customer’s secure web services smoothly, with an effortless interface designed and developed after a discussion with the customer’s front office and onsite teams. Synchronising data (text and media) between office and onsite workers provides an effective approach in managing real-time data management. This synchronisation is based on the bandwidth of the network connection, with text and enhanced images broadcasted on standard networks, while significant images are transmitted via a Wi-Fi connection. All data is synchronised through a secure public network and all internet services execute more security measures.

The control dashboard from the management side provides direct reporting and access to all real-time job situations, productivity levels for all employees, administration and customer service through secure login to a dedicated portal.



The River City has provided quicker access to job completion testing besides providing the client with real-time job tracking, permitting them to have a 360-degree perspective of the entire job development cycle.

The aspect of data gathered has enhanced with custom software application, bringing about talent all through the job scheduling and completion, hence decreasing the average cost per job due to increased productivity.

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