The Challenge

Moving Cars is a logistics company that provides long distance vehicle transport anywhere in Australia.

The company accepts bookings from all across Australia and found that they were having difficulty managing the onboarding process for new customers.

Moving Cars needed a system that could manage instant customer quotes, based on fixed pricing details as well as tailored quotes from their staff. They also required custom reports to be generated based on bookings and the ability to automate emails to their customers.

Without an effective management system, Moving Cars found that they encountered the following challenges:

  • Quoting new customers was highly time-consuming.
  • Data from team members in various parts of the country was isolated and couldn’t be easily managed.
  • It was non-intuitive for customers to choose their method of transportation and receive accurate pricing.
  • Report generation was highly time-consuming.
  • Out of Hours bookings were particularly difficult to manage and were often delayed or unaccounted for.
  • Staff productivity was restricted and company time wasted on unnecessary tasks.

Our Solution

We performed a complete analysis and audit of Moving Cars’ current system and work processes. We used this information to design and build a new web-based application to fit their particular requirements and increase business efficiency.

Our custom software solution takes new customer information and automatically processes quotes based on encoded logic. When necessary, the system will request additional information from the team and use this to derive accurate pricing.

We ensured that our solution was integrated with Moving Cars’ email platform to enable them to send automatic updates to their customers when they fit certain requirements. This feature is used in a number of different ways across their workflow to streamline their processes and increase business efficiency.

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