Need of custom software development for every business.

Custom software development is a computer programming which is specially developed for specific business or organization. It is also known as bespoke or tailored software development as it is developed to full fill all the requirements of a particular client or company like Team Management, Project Management, Vehicle Tracking, Work Force Management, Human Resource Management, Dashboard Management, Database Management etc.

Custom software development became a part of every business because of the failure of package software. Packaged software is developed commonly for all businesses and we all know the process of every business is unique. Some business may feel that the packaged software is not able to meet the requirement or some other business may feel that the packaged software is apt to it.

The process of custom software development is as follows:

  • Project initiation and planning.

  • Studying the problem or requirement of business.

  • Preparing technical architect documents.

  • Software design and development.

  • Quality analyzing and testing.

  • Validation and verification of tested software.

  • Deployment of software.

When compared to package software custom software is more expensive. It is because during the development stages, the client adds so many ideas. When software development passes to next stages, it undergoes vast changes and while comparing the initial sketch and process flow sketches, the changes feel to be unpredictable. Software developer has to analyse the client changes and understand before adding the changes into the existing process. Sometimes it may consume time to get the process on flow. It depends upon how complicated the changes are specified by the client.

Package software are readymade and easily available when compared to custom software development. Once packaged software is developed for many users we are only paying for its services and actually we are not owners of packaged solutions. It is simply installed in computers and we start working on it. On the other hand Custom software is specially developed for a particular business and so it will consume time when compared to packaged software and we are the owner and all copyrights will be provided to us.

We should research well on web before hiring a software development company. We must be sure of its profile, client feedbacks, customer support approach, history etc. Every software developer strives to stay ahead of their competitor’s and tries hard to build customer satisfaction as they know the demand never stops as the growth of business never stops. Custom software services includes Custom web application, custom web development, dashboard development, enterprise software development, Database design, project management software development, Software development, maintenance and support and many more.

Advantages of custom software development on packaged software :

  • Custom software is tailored with your business specification so that it can perform exactly the same work which you expected.

  • Custom software saves your time and increases the efficiency of employees and ultimately results in productivity.

  • You will be the owner of Custom Software but you can only enjoy the services of Packaged Software.

  • Custom software can be easily modified as it is developed with the facility to add on your requirements in future.

  • It is exactly designed as per your current business flow so using this won’t be a problem to your staff or team.

  • We know business grows and also our process changes. Packaged software gets outdated after some time and can’t include new requirements .So we have to spend money every time while adding new changes.

  • Investing in custom software development is an asset as it is unique to your business and property.

  • As Custom Software is unique it is unavailable to your competitors. This can give you a unique advantage over them.

Software is developed not only by keeping your unique requirements in mind but also to give more than you expected as output because the software developers know that if they are successful in developing a best software with very best and new techniques only they will get credibility form clients and this will be a benefit to them in future for continuing their client relationships.

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