How To Choose Right Software For My Small Business

Investing in business improvement software can be an overwhelming task. We meet with business owners regularly to get a complete picture of how their businesses run. What we’ve learned from mistakes made by businesses can be shocking. There are businesses of all categories, sizes and ages; but do you know what is common among them?

To some point, they all use a mix of software that are either the wrong fit or not communicate with each other…or both. One discussion that comes to mind was with a Tree service consultant who was using desktop work scheduling software that he termed , “too much” for his requirements. This business owner used four separate applications to create proposals, organise tasks, invoice and collect online payments, none of which were talked about to each other. He struggled with sharing relevant information with his supervisor and field staff who were on site all the time. The result was frustration and wasted time as he tried to make it all work, and he was not alone.

Numerous other businesses struggle with the same challenges, but there are ways to avoid these issues. Here are a few instructions for choosing the software to manage your business more efficiently.

First, make a list of your wants and needs.

Create a list of the software and applications you use.

If you are using an estimation and project management, check to see if your estimation software can manage your project .Keeping your data in one place reduces the extra steps and saves you time.

With your remaining list of software/applications, Google or check the website of each one to see if it connects with any of the others in the list. (Look for the partner and add ons section for software providers)

Use your industry organisation to ask for the recommendations for your software that are the correct fit for your business size, complexity and industry.

If you have a general software and are looking for extensive customisation? Software developing companies are generally developing the add ons as per the client requirements. And the price will vary depending on the platform and experience of the consultant .

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