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Real Cost of Enterprise Mobile App Development

Does anyone have an idea of how much it costs to design and develop an enterprise mobile application? This is perhaps one of the most explored keyword on the internet by companies related to the development of mobile phone applications. The answer you can usually expect is that “it depends on”. It is because it is difficult to estimate the cost of developing an enterprise app without deeply analysing its requirements unlike the consumer app.

Accessing the cost of developing an enterprise also depends on the organisation’s infrastructure. The market value here is estimated on the real factors affecting the cost of developing enterprise applications. Simultaneously you can also obtain the average cost of enterprise mobile app development.


The cost and time taken may differ according to your requirements. Given here is the cost of native enterprise app (generally called enterprise mobile app). The cost of hybrid enterprise app, web enterprise app, and cross-platform enterprise app are distinct.

  • The value given here is a standard one, the actual cost can be determined on the platform, and type of app you need.
  • The cost is valued on the global enterprise mobile app development market.
  • The time and expense will depend on your clear-cut requirements.

Enterprise Mobile App Development Cost for iPad:

An iPad with its enterprise friendly features is precisely one of the most preferred devices for enterprise app development. The average cost for Enterprise iPad app development is given below.

Simple enterprise iPad app: $25,000

Medium enterprise iPad app: $50,000

Complex enterprise iPad app: $75,000+

Besides the price also differs on the types and the level of enterprise app you require. The major enterprise app types include:

  • Field Service Management
  • Resource management and scheduling
  • Automated billing systems and payment processing
  • CRM -Customer Relationship Management
  • ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

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