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Time is always the essence in any business, especially in the service industry. Since 2009, Demurrage Solutions, a successful company in Australia, has been steadily growing. Along with its growth, some challenges have also come. Demurrage Solutions’ challenges were to become paperless and more efficient to excel in Transport & Logistics this competitive industry. During the work process, the company required several critical forms, including work orders, inspection of check sheets, hazard reports, job reporting, vehicle pre-start checklist and employee time sheets. The paper output was substantial to track and organise.

“With 40 employees in the field and several branches to manage, we generated an incredible amount of paper. Making changes to existing forms and then having to make sure everyone had the new versions was also a pain,”
explained Peter Bryn-Holland, Demurrage Solutions Co-Owner.


Demurrage Solutions’ team members were required to come into the office to receive their work orders, prior to heading out to the job sites. Depending on where the job sites were located, it was costing technicians (two per vehicle) as much as an hour of productivity a day – and two hours of labour costs to the company.

The Demurrage team said, “We aimed to simplify our work with digital tools. Initially, we explored off-the-shelf software, but it didn’t align well with our processes and unique work style. Despite appearing cost-effective initially, the expenses would escalate in the long run. Additionally, there was a concern about software ownership rights. Consequently, we opted to develop our own custom digital solution. While the initial cost was higher, it proved beneficial in the long term. Everything functions as per our needs, and we don’t have to worry about ownership of our tools.


When ISH Technologies suggested custom application development, the company’s co-owner was interested to find out more. “Our ISH Technologies representative suggested developing and using custom web and mobile apps to go paperless and better manage all our activities” said Peter Bryn-Holland, Demurrage Solutions Co-Owner.

A mobile application and platform that works with any major smart device (iOS & Android), and all existing paper forms and renders them onto mobile devices, allows for more simple data capturing in the field and real-time reporting to the office. Mobile apps also capture images, e-signatures and location so that each activity's date, location and time can be tracked. We streamlined Demurrage Solutions business processes and synchronised them with cloud applications, so real-time data could be accessed from back offices and clients.


  • Peter Bryn-Holland decided to deploy applications in the Melbourne branch initially, using nine mobile devices. The results exceeded expectations. Technicians filled in all forms directly on their tablet or mobile phone and were able to input text, photos, and capture signatures.

  • ISH Technologies was then contracted to convert all Health and Safety documentation, time sheets and employee inductions into cloud applications. The company saved significant time and money by transitioning to a paperless work environment.

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Mobile apps significantly sped up Demurrage Solutions’ invoicing process. Peter Bryn-Holland plans to expand the use of these apps across all branches. Additionally, the shift to digital tools eliminated the need for paper forms, allowing real-time access to job site information without office data entry.


Cutting Costs

Going paperless saved Demurrage Solutions 20% in operational expenses.

Efficient Processes

Streamlined Demurrage Solutions’ work for a smooth digital workflow.

More Sites, No Stress

Demurrage Solutions could efficiently manage more sites.

Automation Magic

Custom workflows were fully automated.

Real-time Tracking

Now, tracking job is faster, boosting efficiency by 30%.

Quick Invoicing

Invoicing is efficient, improving cash flow and satisfying clients.

If you are interested in Enterprise mobile applications or want to create automated documents, we can help you. Our interactive apps include all types of forms such as estimation, customer review forms, job proposals, health and safety documents and custom reports. ISH Technologies’ Enterprise apps will streamline your business processes and keep your details secure and safe on your server. These secured details can be viewed by business owners from any device.

If the Demurrage Solutions story resonates with your business, come and talk to us about new ways to approach your business challenges. Collaboratively, we will work together to ensure that your business runs on a profitable model.

“We were working with paperwork and multiple systems and it as very hard to keep track of the staff and what jobs they were on. Now our fully integrated and customised web and mobile apps systemise our operations and help us to track all our jobs in real time anywhere with any device,”
Peter Bryn-Holland, Demurrage Solutions Co-Owner.

What we do

  • Mobile App Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Database Development
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Why ISH Technologies?

There is nothing worse than starting your project and then realising that what you get is not what you want. You can be sure when working with ISH Technologies that:

  • You are the owner of all the Intellectual Property (IP).

    You do not pay license fees and there is no mandatory on-going payment.

  • We do not outsource any development work.

    Our in-house team undertakes all work, ensuring we have absolute control over communication, development methods and quality.

  • We won’t make you dependent on us.

    All codes we develop for you are made without using proprietary plug-ins, meaning that most professional developers will be able to understand and work with the code.

  • We won’t confuse you with jargon.

    We take the time to explain everything thoroughly.

  • You’ll have a single-point of contact.

    We know that if you speak to different people throughout the process, you have to continually narrate the story of your project, and it can be potentially damaging to the project. A single point of contact saves you time and ensures smooth communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach to requirements gathering is simple and effective. Our consultants work with you to fully understand your business process and various stakeholder needs through face-to-face meetings, stakeholder interviews and workshops. This deep understanding of your requirements ensures that we are able to deliver the software you need to add value to your business.

We take a collaborative approach on all projects. Our consultants can spend time on-site with your staff to understand your current processes and to help clarify your concerns, needs and wants. From this, we will design an appropriate solution which will transform your business processes and user experience.

We can’t answer this question responsibly until we understand your business and user requirements. Once we identify the key requirements, we can provide an indicative pricing range for the development cost and timeframe. Our projects usually start from $40,000.

Absolutely, We always start with a live demo and code audit. Once we complete the full audit, we will send you a full report that includes analysis, recommendations and the proposal for takeover (If applicable).

It’s hard to give an exact timeframe until we understand the project requirements. Our typical development time takes from 6-26 weeks.

Our payment terms are milestone based. We split the project into four stages and each stage is invoiced at 25% of the project quote.

We work with an array of industry recognised technologies. If you have any questions specific to the technologies we use, please call us on 1300 474 832.

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