custom web application development

Planning to develop your Custom Web Application?

Custom Web Application Developments are provided to customers to increase productivity and boosting business.

What is Custom Web Application Development?

A Custom Web Application Development is not a website. Web applications are not the same as mobile apps, and they are different from other websites such as blogs, programs and news. Internet programs are complex, lacking “out of the box”, and are designed to capture, organize and store data. Shopping cart and login forms are two examples of web applications, and these two systems are just the beginning of what is possible. For example, travel agencies who sell tickets for tourists can develop a custom web application to sell tickets through their websites. The ticket info will be placed on the app; customers can pay quickly and receive their tickets without leaving the website.

Our process of creating a Custom Web Application

Analysis and audit

What does your business need? Our custom web development expert will work with you and your team to discover your unique needs and use this information to better inform us about design tactics. When you show us your favorite web apps that are missing the mark, we take this knowledge and feedback to provide you with a custom web application that will well-suit your business in all aspects.

Research and UX methods work

Our custom software application development team will conduct in-depth research to find the best strategies that will make your custom web application meet your goals in the best possible way. Do not be discouraged if it seems a long process, as we are working hard to determine how to improve the user experience for your customers within the Custom Web Development Services.

Prototyping and testing Designs

Sometimes there are more than one solution to meet the needs of your web software. At ISH Technologies, our custom software developers will work on multiple versions so that you can select the best fit. Prototyping helps you to visualize, before converting it into a real design, which is a cost effective and efficient way to proceed.

Choosing the right technology

There is a wide range of different environments and programming languages ​​that we can use to develop your custom web application. Our custom web application developers will research and test the technologies and choose the best options to create beautiful and functional custom web applications.

Database Architecture

Databases play a major role in searching, sorting, and retrieving data. If you are using web software that has bulk data, and you have many functions which include sorting, creating reporting, sending bulk reports, and PDF generation, then the database architecture will play a vital role. If it is not properly designed, it will cost you in the future. So, our custom web developers will analyse and create the database to best meet your requirements.

Custom Application Development

This is probably one of the most important steps in designing a new custom web application for a company. While building custom application development we will put together all the steps for programming and building websites with features to suit your specific needs.

Application test

Before delivering a new custom web application, ISH Technologies puts it through rigorous testing to make sure it is the highest quality product. This means eliminating errors that need to be corrected and ensuring data security in the application. Our custom software team also ensures that it works across multiple browsers and can withstand large amounts of data and usage.

ISH Technologies is a custom application development company and can help you achieve your business goals. Why not get started? We can help you define, design and develop your web application.