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Web platforms range from marketplaces, e-commerce sites to back-office enterprise solutions. To build a successful digital product or tool on a web browser, one must have an engineering mind-set to pick the right infrastructure and tools to ensure exceptional quality.
We are dedicated to crafting strategic digital solutions with your users at the core of everything we do.
We leverage modern and relevant open-source technologies to deliver your platform within weeks, through an iterative approach with you being part of the engineering team.

How we design software specifically for your business needs?

  • Stage 1

    Discovery session

    Starts with one hour free discovery session. In this meeting we capture the essence of your business critical problems and the outcomes you are looking to achieve.

  • Stage 2

    Internal Review

    After we have an understanding of your business problems we sit with our business analyst and review the requirements and features of the project. After the discussion we will provide you the ball park figure for the development and estimated time frame for development.

  • Stage 3

    Prototype development.

    We are using cutting edge visual tool to develop a prototype functional model of the new system and you can see it working. Because of its visual nature, the prototype helps avoid assumption and ensure all parties are in agreement about what is being developed.

    At the end of the prototype development process we will provide you fixed development cost, time frame and functional specification.

  • Stage 4

    Software development

    We know how excited and curious about your project. We will send you progression updates.

    We are aware of your marketing plans and launching date so will never change the deadlines unless and until you say to change.

    Our technical expertise will help you to get the very best industry software without any hidden cost.

  • Stage 5


    We don’t just deliver the software and runaway because we know that testing is very important. Not just for the business but keeping your staff in mind so that they can be trained with simple steps as quickly as possible.

  • Stage 6


    We admit that sudden change for anybody or system will be difficult. So that we will be right through until you are completely happy with the system we provided.

    We also offer continued support. Flexible support-there when you really need us.

    Flexible,always available from hourly rates to full service level agreements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods do you use to gather and understand my software requirements?

Our approach to requirements gathering is simple and effective. Our consultants work with you to fully understand your business process and various stakeholder needs through face-to-face meetings, stakeholder interviews and workshops. This deep understanding of your requirements ensures that we are able to deliver the software you need to add value to your business.

I think we have issues with our processes. How would you help us clarify the problem and design an appropriate solution?

We take a collaborative approach on all projects. Our consultants can spend time on-site with your staff to understand your current processes and to help clarify your concerns, needs and wants. From this, we will design an appropriate solution which will transform your business processes and user experience.

How much will my project cost?

We can’t answer this question responsibly until we understand your business and user requirements. Once we identify the key requirements, we can provide an indicative pricing range for the development cost and timeframe. Our projects usually start from $25,000.

Can ISH Technologies take over my existing projects?

Absolutely, We always start with a live demo and code audit. Once we complete the full audit, we will send you a full report that includes analysis, recommendations and the proposal for takeover (If applicable).

How long does a project takes?

It’s hard to give an exact timeframe until we understand the project requirements. Our typical development time takes from 6-26 weeks.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are milestone based. We split the project into four stages and each stage is invoiced at 25% of the project quote.

What technologies and languages do you work with?

We work with an array of industry recognised technologies. If you have any questions specific to the technologies we use, please call us on 1300 474 832.

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