Custom Software vs. Readymade Software: What’s Right for Your Business?

At this stage of the digital age, businesses understand well that they must adopt some type of automation in their work flow. But they are not certain how to incorporate new software into their existing business flow. Another concern about custom built software is about its cost. Every business agrees that custom software or tailored software can enhance their business but some of them hope that existing readymade software is inexpensive and easy to adopt. Before choosing software, custom or readymade we will give you pros and cons of both and hope this will be helpful to you to take a good decision before investing money.

Readymade Software: Ready Made, but is it ready to Work for You?

Readymade software solutions are available online with user friendly and attractive platforms and designs. You may find the list of features exactly matching your need and also comparatively cheap than custom made software. But it is really important to know the limitations and associated issues of these packaged solutions.

One of the main drawbacks of the readymade software is its limited or lack of API capabilities. Businesses has to store data on cloud networks or online databases, API plays very important role in data syncing which means retrieving data when you requested from these networks. So you can think what the benefit of using this is.

Another con of purchasing this prebuilt software is you have to stay on software vendor’s mercy when it comes to software updates. Software needs to be patched timely to ensure safety against vulnerable attacks of hackers.

Prebuilt software is developed in common for all and you have to pay for all its features if you need it or not. Sometimes you may find that features which you expected are missing and satisfy a small part of your business needs.

When your business grows it may not have provision to include additional features because prebuilt software limits its plans and sometimes businesses has to ditch existing one and adopt new package or build tailored software from scratch to receive the exact expectations.

Custom-Built Software: The Tailored Approach to Automation

Many businesses are doubtful about beginning on a custom software development plan because of the time and resources needed to build these solutions. Many may find the upfront costs associated with tailored software development are daunting.

But many businesses are aware that custom designed software is ideal for their businesses because it can bring real solutions without limitations, solutions that meet all of its expectations in terms of storing essential data, retrieving data, business tracking, organizing business activities perfectly, and reporting all updates in intelligence graph views.

And most important benefit is when your business grows you can easily incorporate new functionalities or new needs into it because custom software is built in a way that it can easily adopt and incorporate changes in future. When you approach professional custom software developers, they will definitely say that they want to study the nature and flow of your business before starting because they know that your business will grow definitely and the solution you expected from them should meet that requirement too.

The Custom Approach: Not so difficult as you think

There is no doubt that custom software solutions are apt for today’s businesses. The main thing is to find a software developer who can work with you and create a solution that suits your budget. If you are thinking about custom software solution to fix your business issues, ISH Technologies can help you to find out a right solution.

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