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  • Category:Student Accommodation Management Software
  • LocationBrisbane, Australia


EdVenture Consulting specialises in the organisation of short and long-term study tours of Australia. They prepare a host family, accommodation, transport and English lessons as well as arranging various activities and cultural experiences.

They desired a custom web software that would streamline all aspects of their student admission process. They wanted to be able to implement workflow and business rules to minimise human error as well as generate custom reports.


We undertook a detailed review of EdVenture’s manual student admission processes and developed a custom software solution featuring a web portal with mobile compatibility for all devices.

The fully integrated digital solution tracks all student interactions and provides staff with a digital to-do list. The new software displays useful tips to staff based on encoded business logic and proactive alerts containing important information are automatically sent, ensuring their team is always up-to-date.

Additionally, custom dashboards we created track the team's KPIs and subcontractor interactions in real-time, giving their administration the ability to analyse valuable business development data.


Digitising EdVenture’s processes has undeniably increased their business efficiency. Team members are empowered to be more productive at their roles and the high level of connectivity has reduced the chance of human error in their workflows.

The new system increases their overall productivity so much that they are able to increase their capacity for admission without increasing their expenses. The transition to digital has reduced the cost of their processes while improving their reporting accuracy.

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