Project Information

  • Client:Factory Direct Shutters, Awnings & Blinds
  • Category:Staff augmentation
  • LocationSunshine Coast QLD
  • Technology Stack React Js & Laravel

Company Overview:

Factory Direct Shutters is a company based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, specialising in providing high-quality window coverings, including shutters and blinds. The company has experienced significant growth and is recognised for its dedication to customer service and quality products.

The "Custom CRM and Quoting Tool" project aimed to replace the existing off-the-shelf software solutions with a custom-designed system tailored specifically to the needs of Factory Direct Shutters. This system was required to automate several manual processes and improve efficiency.

The Challenge:

Factory Direct Shutters previously relied on a combination of off-the-shelf software solutions and manual processes, such as paper-based forms and manual data entry into systems. This system of work was not fully automated, leading to inefficiencies, potential for human error, and difficulties in effectively controlling pricing structures.

Factory Direct faced challenges in assembling an IT team with the required skills to develop the new system in-house. This was due to the specific needs for custom software development that their existing IT department was not equipped to handle.

Staff Augmentation Strategy

Staff Augmentation Strategy:

To address these challenges, Factory Direct augmented its existing IT team by bringing in external expertise. Under the leadership of Paul Grice, the IT manager, a development team was formed, combining in-house and external resources. This approach allowed Factory Direct to leverage external expertise while maintaining control over the project through its existing management structures.


The augmented team embarked on the development of the Custom CRM and Quoting Tool, focusing on several key areas:

  1. Automation of Data Entry: Automating data input from paper-based forms directly into the system to reduce manual errors and processing times.
  2. Customised Pricing Controls: Developing a module within the CRM to handle complex pricing structures automatically, to ensure consistency and accuracy in quotes provided to customers.
  3. Integration with Existing Systems: Ensuring that the new CRM and quoting tool integrated seamlessly with existing inventory management and customer service systems.


Implementation Summary

The implementation of the staff augmentation strategy enabled Factory Direct to successfully develop and deploy the Custom CRM and Quoting Tool within the projected time frame. The new system has significantly improved operational efficiency, data accuracy, and customer satisfaction. It has also provided Factory Direct with the flexibility to adjust features and functionalities as business needs evolve.

The staff augmentation approach adopted by Factory Direct Shutters allowed the company to access specialized skills quickly and effectively, leading to the successful completion of a critical IT project. This strategy addressed immediate project needs and positioned the company for future growth and continuous improvement in its operational capabilities.

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