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  • Client:Plus Technologies
  • Category:Web & Mobile App Development
  • LocationBrisbane
  • Technology Stack Flutter, React Js & Laravel


In the realm of fire safety and defect management, Plus Technologies identified a significant gap. Their customers struggled with outdated, inefficient systems for conducting inspections, managing defects, and ensuring compliance with Australian standards. These challenges led to increased time, costs, and potential risks, hindering the effective management of fire safety protocols.


To address these industry-wide challenges, Plus Technologies developed Certifired 2.0, a cutting-edge SaaS solution designed to streamline and enhance fire safety and defect management processes. This robust application includes key features such as:

Streamlined Building Inspections and Close-outs: Simplifies the inspection process, making it more efficient and thorough.
Versatile Reporting Capabilities: Users can generate detailed reports in multiple formats, including PDF, Word documents, and Excel sheets, catering to diverse documentation needs and preferences. This flexibility allows for comprehensive reporting that is easily shareable and adaptable to various stakeholders' requirements.
Google Maps Integration: Enhances accuracy in location tracking and site assessments, vital for detailed planning and compliance.
Offline Functionality: Ensures the app is always operational, facilitating fieldwork in any environment without the need for constant internet access.
AI-Enhanced Image Recognition: Employs advanced AI to automate and improve the accuracy of defect identification, saving time and reducing errors.
Markup Drawings: Provides tools for annotating drawings directly in the app, aiding in clear communication and issue resolution.
Comprehensive Defect Management: Offers an all-encompassing platform for defect tracking from identification to resolution, promoting a systematic approach to maintaining high safety and quality standards.

Certifired 2.0, developed by Plus Technologies, is not merely an application but a transformative tool for fire safety and defect management, designed with the end user in mind to meet and exceed Australian standards.


The introduction of Certifired 2.0 has revolutionised the way Plus Technologies' customers handle fire safety and defect management. The application has dramatically improved operational efficiencies, accuracy, and compliance, leading to significant time and cost savings. Customers now benefit from a comprehensive, user-friendly system that streamlines all aspects of fire safety and defect management, ensuring a higher standard of safety and compliance.

By adopting Certifired 2.0, Plus Technologies' customers have optimised their fire safety and defect management processes and embraced a future where technology and safety go hand in hand, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

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