Mining Asset Inspection Software Case Study

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Spinnaker Consultancy Services provide specialty equipment inspection services for hazardous and high voltage areas. They were using a paper-based evaluation system for inspections that restricted their efficiency because it introduced the following challenges:

Evaluations were time consuming to complete.

Linking images to evaluations was non-intuitive.

Error tracking was inefficient due to manual entry.

Maintaining accurate inspection information was difficult.

Inspection information was delayed reaching the office.

Spinnaker desired a more effective evaluation system that would increase business efficiency and enable better informed decision making.


We developed a custom tablet application that enables Spinnaker inspectors to perform and complete paperless equipment evaluations. Staff are able to take and upload defect photos, linking them directly to a particular evaluation within the platform.

Our solution automatically captures user details as well as the date and time of all interactions, making monitoring and managing the organisation much more effective.

The platform features a user friendly interface that makes utilising it for digital inspections a breeze. Importantly, Spinnaker can now generate custom reports from the backend, providing the team with access to valuable business development data.


The accessibility of their new inspection platform means that Spinnaker staffs no longer have to return to the office to physically deliver evaluation documents. This enables staff to focus entirely on the role they are employed for - saving Spinnaker time and money.

Performing evaluations digitally empowers their employees to be highly effective at their role and this increases the consistency of evaluation information across the organisation. Real-time visibility into all staff interactions allows the administration to process evaluations faster and enhances the level of accountability between team members.

The comprehensive reporting capacity means that Spinnaker can easily view and analyse business information, allowing them to better manage future interactions. Furthermore, all relevant information is readily available making auditing a breeze!

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