Project Information

  • Client:Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ)
  • Category:Staff augmentation
  • LocationMilton,QLD
  • Technology Stack Bootstrap & Yii

Company Overview:

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), based in Milton, Australia, plays a vital role in workforce development within the construction industry. Recognising challenges in their software system management handled previously by outsource developers CSQ identified a need for a significant upgrade to support their operational capabilities more efficiently.

The Challenge:

Project Overview

Identified Needs

Reliance on part-time developers led to several challenges, including:

  • Delayed Updates: Essential software updates were not implemented swiftly, affecting the functionality and performance of the systems.
  • Limited Developer Availability: Outsource developers were not always available to address urgent modifications or adapt to new industry requirements, impacting CSQ’s responsiveness.
  • Technical Talent Shortage: CSQ faced difficulties sourcing developers with the specific expertise required for their existing systems, complicating ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

Project Objectives

To effectively address these challenges, CSQ launched a project with clear objectives focused on staff augmentation and system improvements:

  • Staff Augmentation with Specialised Talent: Source and hire full-time, specialised developers to fill the skill gaps in the existing part-time team, ensuring expertise in CSQ’s specific technology stack.
  • Implement Agile Methodologies: Adopt agile practices to enhance development flexibility, accelerate feature deployment, and enable a responsive approach to changing project demands.
  • Enhance Project Management: Utilise advanced tools like Jira to improve task management, and backlog handling, and ensure smooth communication across teams.
  • Regular Stakeholder Engagement: Conduct routine engagements with all key stakeholders to align development efforts with organisational needs and ensure smooth implementation of software solutions.


Project Goals

Through strategic staff augmentation and process enhancement, the project aims to achieve:

  • Seamless Software Implementation: Ensure new software implementations and updates are conducted smoothly without significant delays or disruptions.
  • Operational Efficiency: By integrating a full-time specialised team, CSQ expects to streamline operations, reducing the time and effort spent on managing software development.
  • Increased Responsiveness and Adaptability: With dedicated staff and agile methodologies, CSQ will enhance its capability to respond more swiftly to industry changes and internal demands.
  • Higher Stakeholder Satisfaction: Regular interaction and feedback incorporation will lead to higher satisfaction among users and stakeholders by meeting or exceeding their expectations of the software’s performance and usability.
  • Future-Ready Infrastructure: Develop a robust, scalable software architecture designed to accommodate future growth and technological advancements, supporting CSQ’s long-term strategic goals.

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