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  • Client:James Technologies Group
  • Category:Custom Workforce Management Software
  • LocationGold Coast


James Technologies is an Electric and Mechanical contractor that provides labour for long-term and short-term projects. They also assist with a range of project services for the mining, refining, oil, gas, building, construction, and electrical supply and distribution industries. Along with providing labour and assisting in project management, James Technologies also provides several training courses and inductions on the project site.


With a huge client base and varied services, it is only natural that James Technologies has many employees. The issue they faced was that there was no place to streamline all employee data.

They employed basic Microsoft services such as Excel and Word to keep track of employee documentation and database. It was challenging to manage time sheets and details adhering to licensing, compliance, and training.

The absence of an all-inclusive platform to track the status of employees all over Australia and New Zealand. A lot of time was devoted to manually monitoring and sorting through the details, which had the potential for errors.


We began with a discovery workshop, identifying the client's pain points, requirements and needs. Since James Technologies has employees spread over Australia and New Zealand, it was crucial to develop a solution that aligned with their unique workflow. As a result, we developed a web-based application to manage their operations from beginning to end.

A prototype was developed, and all issues were clarified at this stage. We provided a cloud-based system for end-to-end management of operations. It covers the entire process in a methodical way, step-by-step. It helps keep track of audits, employee authorisations, tickets, licencing, etc. It also sends reminders to employees to update their documents if required.


Our one-stop application has enabled James Technologies to manage its documentation and licenses better. With the web-based app, all work is now streamlined and devoid of human error. The manual effort to keep track of work is not required anymore.

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