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Project Information

  • Client:Canefields Clubhouse (CCH)
  • Date:2021
  • Category:Not-for-profit organisation


Canefields Clubhouse (CCH) is a non-profit charity organisation based in Queensland that provides rehabilitation support services for adults with mental illness. The club helps members engage in meaningful social activities with their peers and enables career pathways to industry.

The organisation is managed in distinct departments, which are heavily interconnected but operate as standalone. They were using an outdated manual management system that they identified was causing the following challenges:

It was difficult for the team to obtain real-time data.
It was time-consuming to generate the necessary reports for relevant government organisations.
Manual management of data using excel spreadsheets and word documents led to human error in reports.
Quotes for their various services needed to be manually generated, costing unnecessary wages.


We performed an analysis of CCH’s core business process documents in order to develop an understanding of their key objectives and any critical areas for successful service delivery. We also examined their existing application portfolio and the financial costs involved, to clearly gauge their current situation.

We then tailored a custom software solution to fit the scoped requirements of the organisation, enabling them to move past their current pain points and increase their overall productivity. The digital platform integrates all the various departments of the CCH, enabling them to function more effectively as a group and provides them with real-time data accessibility. This allows for the daily activities of members and employees of the organisation to be monitored and managed effectively.

Through hosting all relevant data in a centralised location, our solution greatly enhances the report generation capability of the organisation, allowing their employees to focus on the important mental-health work they do for their clients.


Through implementing our new digital platform, CCH has significantly reduced their manual work requirements, lowering their operational cost while also increasing their productivity.

For a non-profit, keeping costs as low as possible is critical and we’re proud to say that our solution has been effective at enabling financial recovery of the organisation in this case.

By incorporating reliable communication channels at the centre of our design, members are able to feel constantly connected to the support of the CCH, and as a result their organisation has seen a drastic improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

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