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RiverCity are a well-known environmental service provider in Australia and work with major companies as well as the government on environmentally sustainable projects. As their organisation grew they identified two main issues:Their paper-based management system was out-dated, inefficient and lacked the necessary mobile integration to make it accessible to their team and client base.

Siloing of data between technologies as well as manual processing of important delivery information, restricted the speed of their workflow and meant that valuable real-time analytics were unavailable.


We custom built RiverCity a completely new management platform that synchronises multiple sources of data to a single location and provides mobile connectivity for iOS, Windows and Android devices.

It also enables GPS tracking of deliveries as well as the ability to store images, signatures and other information as evidence of events. This new system digitises RiverCity’s entire workflow and allows the automation of scheduling, reporting and much more.


RiverCity’s upgraded management platform enhances their organisation's overall productivity through the digital control of documents and by allowing real-time insight into job situations, staff productivity levels and customer experiences.

Enhanced mobile connectivity means that our new platform provides staff with a single point of access to relevant information and tools and synchronises conversations and data between on-site and off-site workers.

Through implementation of our custom-built management platform, RiverCity are able to record their client information more effectively, as well as store and access it more securely. The platform increases the connectivity of their workplace and the ease in which staff and customers can interact with the brand.

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