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  • Client:BJC Machine Tools
  • Category:Custom Inventory Management Software
  • LocationBrisbane, Australia


BJC Machine Tools is an Australian owned company specialising in CNC Machine Sales, Service and Support. Business owners all around Australia rely on BJC Machine Tools for their manufacturing and servicing requirements, providing Breakdown Repairs as well as Scheduled Preventative Maintenance to new and used machines. The company was growing rapidly, and they found that their current management system was fast becoming ineffective. When volume of orders increased, as did the inefficiencies, presenting the following challenges:

Bookings data was isolated, making it a challenging and highly manual process to accurately calculate warehouse inventory stock.

Tracking and managing essential company information was time-consuming, due to data being spread across multiple access points.

Staff struggled to identify the real-time status of stock for products being transported.

This lack of visibility was causing sudden shortages of particular products. Inefficient processes were costing the company unnecessary wages.

Productivity of staff was significantly impacted, restricting the overall profitability of the company.


We reviewed the management system of BJC Machine Tools, conducting meetings with their stakeholders to understand the company’s workflow. Equipped with this information, we designed and built a tailored cloud-based system to allow BJC to better conduct their operations.

The new application had both desktop and mobile capability and provided BJC Machine Tools with great data connectivity between their various inventory warehouses across the country. All bookings information is updated through this single system, creating synchronicity across the BJC team.

This custom software allows everyone in the team to access up-to-date information from anywhere. Real-time visibility about the inventory of each vehicle and warehouse allows the company to monitor, transfer and top-up inventories on the go much more effectively.

We also created a reminder system, which when required, automatically makes updates to the delivery date of particular items. This system also alerts purchase managers automatically when the quantity of certain inventory falls below a set threshold.


Armed with our custom software solution, BJC Machine Tools is now a highly streamlined organisation, with all their relevant data centralised to a single location. Essential company information is now highly accessible to staff and management, resulting in massive efficiency improvements across the board.

The stock shortage issues they faced have been completed alleviated, with the team now managing inventory in real-time, with the ability to organise restocking of required items with ease.

This live data trail also means that staff can accurately calculate warehouse inventory, making the stocktake process simpler than ever. This brought about a dramatic increase in staff productivity, saving the company a huge amount of money in wages.

With their staff and management all connected to a single system, BJC is now operating at high efficiency, like a well-oiled machine!

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