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  • Client:HYBUILT Retaining Systems
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  • LocationGold Coast, Australia


HYBUILT is Queensland's go-to provider for galvanised fence posts and concrete sleeper walls, with more than 15 years of specialised industry knowledge. Providing services for developments and projects in the residential, civil, commercial, and industrial sectors, they specialise in producing RPEQ Certified Concrete Sleepers that are engineered and specified to Australian standards.

They specialise in manufacturing both premium concrete sleepers and the required hot-dipped galvanised steel posts and fence post brackets across residential, commercial and industrial projects and developments. In terms of strength and aesthetics, Queensland sandstone is the best stone among comparable alternatives.


Hybuilt was using Xero accounting software to manage their entire business process, and included inventory and sales. They used whiteboards and other means to manage and track their vehicles. This system seemed to work fine in the initial phase. However, as the business developed and grew, it became difficult to manage everything efficiently.

Due to the business's growth, the team could not keep track of orders and delivery details.

Data had to be entered manually, which made it inefficient and also prone to mistakes.

Using whiteboards for scheduling and runsheet planning, it was hard to manage the vehicle delivery plans if any errors were made.

Customers would often choose to pick up from the store, and other customers wanted products delivered. There was a lot of confusion in this system. It was difficult to coordinate with each customer, manage trucks, and prepare orders to be picked up.

It also became increasingly difficult to track the customers' deliveries and take their delivery instructions into consideration.

At the same time, concrete sleepers were being produced in the factory along with a number of other products.

Thus, it became difficult to keep track of the raw material in the inventory and the use of raw materials and tracking items in the warehouse.


When Hybuilt Systems approached us, our first step was to understand their workflow and to come up with an end-to-end software that could integrate all business processes in one app for easy access.

This application included tracking the usage of raw materials and tracking inventory items. It also monitors the pickup and delivery of orders. A digitalised runsheet with Google map API can be made for deliveries, and an optimised route can be identified for efficiency. This app can also create quotes, invoices, and credit notes and integrate them with Xero software in real-time.

Drivers delivering products have their separate login system where they can get optimised runsheets, improving their efficiency by 30 per cent. Digital delivery dockets include delivery pictures and the notes feature help the driver to ensure the product is delivered as expected.

Moreover, management can now track each order from the start until the very end digitally instead of doing it manually. A third-party software is also integrated with the system to help track vehicles on their new dashboard.

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