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B2B Customer Portal: Customer Experience

B2B Customer Portal: Customer Experience

Why Customer Experience:

Customer experience is very important for every product that you make. In the market the increasing importance of customer experience is not new. Customers always put in some efforts to check the product they need. Today they have many choices from so many sellers for the same product. They may be confused. So many companies will compete for the price and quality to attract customers.

Why B2B customer portal is the best investment in getting greater customer experience?

Gathering Complex Information:

Customers can gather more information from one place. The portal can provide you with a lot of information. Like,

Ease of Reachability:

Wise format of data, rich search information and user friendly interface are the best way for the customers to gather required informations.


Customer can get relevant informations with the integration of internal systems.


Customers need better experience from any portal so we have to make the portal in such a way to make customers believe that it has been made specifically for them. Customers will only be able to see products which they exactly need and the catalog prices of the products along with offers and discounts.

Wide Order Management Tools:

The portal should cover the whole order process in a convenient way. It should ensure convenient order process such as order, reorder, payment method, discount, scheduled purchasing, reservations, etc.

Flexible Payment Options:

The ease of usability also applies to financial transactions. These customer portals have to allow different currencies, provide cash on delivery, purchasing in installments and track the credit limit.

Balanced Self Service:

The seller and buyer can save efforts by using self service automation and reduce error. It can help the buyer to resolve his issues and get what he wants seven times faster. Even though automation can save time B2B portal needs to find the right balance between digital and customer interactions.

Automation tool helps to ease customer interaction but we cannot eliminate it. A personal relationship or communication can benefit good customer interactions. A good portal can contribute to a good customer experience by including live chats and integrating with self service communications.

Post Sales Management:

When we take customer experience it is not only selling & buying. This is just the starting point for your communication with customers. Let’s see how B2B portal can give better post sales management.


A Customer can do further interactions in a portal. It allows the customer to get some informations like technician contact details, schedule time for repairs and provide him with all the details prior. It helps the customer to always stay up to date with the progress and plan their business processes beforehand.


Feedback tool is the best thing to find the products and services that the customer needs and what can satisfy them. We can add features like live chats, suggestion box, customer reviews, comment box etc. These features can help us understand what complaints and requests the customers have. We can also compare the competitor’s data for identifying key challenges, and tracking the efficiency of improvements made.

How to Improve More:


Analytics can help you to identify more informations about the users from your portal so that you can understand their gender, age, location etc. In this way you can achieve personalized online selling.

ERP/CRM Integration:

The ERP integration will help your customers get the latest information of products and stock availability. The second thing is that customers get relevant informations from their own B2B prices and are able to personalize themselves. The third thing is that customers will get informations about the full order process and know exactly the present status of their orders. This helps them to make crucial decisions timely for smooth operation of business.

CRM Integration:

The CRM integration helps to tailor the communication according to the customer needs. The account manager can view all the informations about the customer regarding their account info, purchase history, payment things and all. He can provide offers and he can guess the future needs of any customer. When a customer gets a follow up call from the company which he already knows well about, the company offers beneficial changes to their orders.

Education Blog:

It combines business with education and entertains to encourage the connection between customer and the brand to ensure the relationship with customer lifelong.Today business is all about making money. B2B business contributes to customer interaction in your business in a simple ,clear and efficient way about what customer experience is all about exactly.

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