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Australian SMB’s lose around 35 working days a year to unproductive time

The latest Microsoft research showed that Australian SMB’s lose around 35 working days a year to unproductivity, and if you read the research, they clearly indicate that SMB’s recognise that if they want to reclaim their unproductive time, they have to use technology as it plays a key role in growing their business.

Let’s calculate the real cost of an unproductive and manual process in your business. There are three main Titles for time drainers in your business.

1. A load of Paper documents and forms

2. Chasing up emails and work collaboration

3. White board and excel sheet scheduling

So, how can you improve the business efficiency?

In  ISH technologies, we help streamlining your business process and help you overcome your business challenges through the development of customised software solutions that integrate various business processes into one.

And, What are the benefits to our approach ?

Small to medium business owners often face a challenge with off the shelf software solutions. Since these software are designed for only keeping diverse businesses in mind, they often fail to address specific aspects of your business.

Our software solutions are designed to

1. Be completely tailored with your business process.

2. Collaborate and innovate with your business

3. Scale easily when your business grows

4. User friendly that anyone can use them with very little training If these challenges resonate with your business talk to us because you will learn new ways to approach your problems. We will work together to ensure that your business is profitable and will stay profitable.