Does Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning play a prominent role in your Enterprise Technology Pioneering venture?

Specifically, when the discussion is about Enterprise Technology Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two corresponding words that have become the topic of the day. It is often easy to get mistaken between both the sessions. Relatively almost all of us are not fully aware of the fact that Artificial Intelligence and Learning are two different sessions falling under the same category.

The concept of machines that imitate human behavior is termed as Artificial Intelligence or AI. Just like the human brain, it is the caliber of a machine to think, learn, understand as well as operate. Specifically, it is the intelligence of a machine.

Recently based on AI, Google’s self-driving cars and Tesla’s “autopilot” feature are two examples which have gained more benefits. Siri, Google Now and Corttana are the digital voice assistants which are a few examples of AI in our day to day life. The initiation of AI, has lead to the beginning of a new age of automatic technology. Absolutely, who wouldn’t appreciate getting support that would help alleviate some of our daily works?

On the contrary, Machine Learning is an algorithm which helps machines to plagiarize human behavior. This algorithm helps a machine to function its program according to the recurrent initiated patterns. Have you ever asked yourself how Google automatically fulfills or corrects your search query even before you get an opportunity to do so? Google’s Machine Learning algorithm is a typical example with the help of which it automatically corrects or completes your search query.

From myths to reality

Artificial Intelligence was founded in the 1940’s and 50’s when scientists originally laid the perception of ‘an artificial brain’ on the table. Besides, we have noted tales of scientists designing ‘mechanical men’ to imitate human activities. This marks the time when efforts were being made to design computers which could execute basic arithmetic and logical operations individually. Formerly, the technique of AI was to create super machines which could acquire the same peculiarities as the human brain. This was a more summarized way and could not be easily removed. An efficient performance of AI points out to the stage when machines can implement better tasks without any human opinion. This can be portrayed best as an enhanced intelligence tool.

Machine Learning mostly includes the algorithms for identifying patterns in the vital data, as well as to recognize same patterns in the forthcoming data and make predictions based on that data. These algorithms unfold performances based on logical data, so they can fulfill more coding software techniques with appropriate instructions, by complying with the new obligations. Hence, we come to the conclusion that the machines get qualified to operate tasks by simply learning from previous experiences.

AI vs Human Brain

AI and Machine Learning have managed to force their ways into life nowadays from sci-fi movies and books. AI is a general term for various models and algorithms. It combines with a large volume of data which results in assured features in the machines. Machine Learning is an algorithm that helps in assessing the repetitive patterns thus helping machines to make rational decisions.

The use of gadgets and electronic goods has become an indispensable part of our day to day lives. Homes and offices are conscious of the landscape of AI’s application of the prospective progressions. It guarantees the automation of tasks, thus transforming the present world. Although AI lectures about the automation of human tasks, it cannot replace humans forever. AI puts the human work in a nutshell and changes the scope of a human’s role, without substituting anyone from their existing roles. If companies want to start this process with AI or Machine Learning, it is essential to analyze and team up with a genuine technology innovative partner. At ISH technologies our involvement in many situations begins with our collaboration with companies to develop business ideas within confined budgets through prompt prototyping for the web and mobile using new compatible technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality. Companies use these prototypes mostly to develop Scalable solutions with the help of our delivery model based on the results. We have achieved initial success in this domain and keep on developing frameworks and prototypes.

In the upcoming years the outlook of AI and Machine Learning is over and above of what we actually fantasize. For instance, if the human brain needs roughly 13 milliseconds to view and react to an image, these intelligent machines would perhaps take less time. Considering the pace of improvement these intelligent machines would take even less time to process it, given the speed of improvement. With an immense level of implementation, we are quite close to sharing our work space with these machines. Just like we had dreamt, AI and Machine Learning will revolutionize the world.