Mobile phone would be a necessity for every business that takes business seriously. While it is inherently essential to make smart phones as integral parts of your business, it is essential to first take in consideration the actual needs of a business. Realising this fact, it holds true that business app development might not be necessary for every business.

Why? Because business app development cost is a critical issue for many businesses that cannot afford hefty budgets for marketing and communication.

An app works the best for businesses where a typical issue is only solvable using an app. So, the actual matter comes down to necessity. If you answer negative, then it there is no such need to invest in an app just for the sake of it.

However, this does not mean that an app would not take you to the heights you expect simply because it is expensive. For those businesses where apps are required, the full potential of a business is unleashed. There is certainly a disconnection between the expectations and the reality between business app development costs.

Development Cost

Forrester cited a comprehensive study regarding what enterprises ought to do to make their apps look engaging and functional enough. They suggest that enterprises most often underestimate the resources to get to the goals they want to achieve. The business solution development regarding apps has an estimated cost of A$ 50,000 to A$120,000.

This is an average requirement range for a medium-sized application with custom features needed for businesses. The cost provides with a Minimum Viable Product for excavating unneeded resources, and gives a concrete data using which future updates can take place.

For quoting the cost of business app development, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Total screen number

2. Compatible devices for the business app

3. Third Party API integration

4. Integration requirements with business systems

5. Technicalities such as a back-end management portal

Cost of Maintenance

A$2000 to A$7000 per annum – a lot of enterprises find it difficult to comprehend the reality that maintenance is an essential part of software. Bug fixes and other updates relevant to the operating systems of mobile phones are integral for the smooth running and accessibility of a device or an app. Investing in an app, therefore, is not a one-time thing, you need to consider the cost maintenance as well. Furthermore, the maintenance costs and work might go up depending on the requirements for integration regarding multiple versions of platforms and systems.

The activities for maintenance are needed to make sure that the app remains powerful to function smoothly and error-less. The estimated cost discussed above depends mainly on three factors highlighted as below:

1. OS (operating system) updates for different devices

2. API modifications and third-party software integration

3. Changes and releases regarding hardware that will impact the app systems

The maintenance costs largely depend on the system complexity and the way your app is integrated with the other systems.

Update Costs

A$ 5000 to A$ 10,000 for a single update

App development for business in reality is fruitful when an app is updated regularly. The updates would be based on the in-app analytics, user feedback, and the quality performance reports. These factors are reliant on the goal to enhance the customer engagement. The cost mentioned above is an estimated range needed for every update cycle. However, some updates are much larger than others and are therefore quoted customarily based on requirements. An app that is updated regularly is has a relatively better lifetime value. Therefore, the app remains valuable and relevant to the end-users. 80 percent of the applications for enterprise do not keep their users engaged which results in stale content.

Another thing to note about updates is that it is not restricted to fixing bugs. Rather, business app development should be focusing on updates that work for better user metrics and feedback while also focusing on the fast and smooth running of the app.

According to Sensor Tower, each top app found on the Apple app store updated its app after every month on average. However, this does not mean that failing to update apps this regularly will result in your business going stagnant. Rather, you should find a balance in the updating of the app that is paralleled to your budget and the goal of increasing your app value; ultimately an increase in the ROI. These benchmarks are crucial for extracting the best for the business app development goals.

Final Word

We hope this article provided you with a valuable insight on how a business should set aside budgets for different requirements of an app and why are these requirements necessary for the proper functioning of the app. For a precise estimation of business app development cost, feel free to contact us and get a quick quote.

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