api integration

API and System Integration

We take your business needs and your current infrastructure and create elegant and effective ways to connect your data from different systems.

Point to point integration

Point to point integration acts as middleware connects isolated systems and functions as an integrated application that helps clients to handle different operations from different systems in single software. For e.g., If a business has a WordPress website and a custom web application or CRM and he wants to connect both, it can be done through this point to point integration.

Accounting Software Integration

Financial management is crucial for the success of your business and it is time-consuming too. ISH technologies has extensive experience with a wide range of integrated accounting software applications like QuickBooks, Xero, Eway, Australian Post, Paypal, etc. that ensures that your virtual accounting experience works smoothly. Through different accounting software and application integrations, we help you to convert your complicated budget methods, inventory, payroll, taxes, billing and invoices into comprehensive financial statements in a very easy way.

API Integration.

We offer third-party API integration services to help businesses to connect to different applications and enable clients to align their business processes to achieve better results. Business applications that combine useful API integration services provide improved capabilities from those that operate in isolation. Our API solutions intensify the performance of your web application performance or web sites. We help you build customized APIs that suit your business system requirements perfectly.