Most SME struggle with their growth. We help you streamline your business processes with affordable customised software.

Have you ever asked yourself

  • How can I reduce my manual paperwork?

  • How can I speed up my business processes through automation?

  • How can I bridge or connect different departments with cloud base technology?

  • How can I manage my field employees and get real-time status of their tasks or activities?

Have you ever asked yourself?
Have you ever asked yourself?

We can help!

At ISH technologies we develop custom-made software to meet your specific needs. We develop software for web and mobile devices, that will help your business work faster and quicker, and therefore be more profitable. We do this by automating your manual and time-consuming processes and replacing existing Backoffice software.

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Our Story

With over seven years experience, we have grown from a Facebook based start-up to a fully-fledged custom software development agency. It's been a hell of a ride and we have had the pleasure of working with renowned companies such as River City Environmental Projects, Institute of Indigenous Australia and Aeropower Pty Ltd. We have assembled an experienced team with many years of experience in custom software applications. Our only goal is to do things right and that’s why we work on a project from the initial idea and concept to design and development.

Our mission

At ISH Technologies, we believe that everything we do should make life easier for our clients.

That’s the philosophy behind our work and it can be seen in every aspect of our work – in our company, in our relations with our clients and in our products. We think that the best products are always the simplest to use. Real craft comes from making complicated things seem simple. Simplicity converts, simplicity satisfies, simplicity sells. By taking care of relationships and contact with our clients, we are always able to find the best solution – the one that will satisfy our clients.

Our promise

  • Our Approach – Our contribution is not just a code, we share our ideas, experience, suggestions and advice. We work with you closely. We are not just “for hire”.

  • Our Promise – We are not only technically minded, we explain everything in ‘jargon free’ plain English.

  • Why Us – Do you want a company that listens to you? We are business people, so we understand your business challenges.

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