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Working With ISH Technologies

Working With ISH Technologies

When you start working with a software development company like ours, we know the type of questions that may be rolling around in your mind. You may worry if the company is the right fit for you, and if they will deliver the right software at the right time? Will they provide support after launching the project?

We know there is nothing worse than starting your project and getting stuck halfway through because things were included that were not required. When working with ISH Technologies you can be confident that:

  1. All IP (Intellectual Property) rights are yours. There are no license fees and no compulsory maintenance charges.

  2. We are a team of in-house developers which means that we have control over communication, development methods and quality.

  3. Your software is independent. Our code is clean, simple and professional so that any professional developer can work on it.

  4. We speak plain English. We communicate with you in an open and transparent manner. This helps us to understand how we can achieve the best result for you.

  5. Single-point of contact.You will have one person as your single-point of contact, from the project beginning to your project launch.

  6. You are involved. We work with you to collaboratively develop your software idea. If your requirements change or if something is going out of the defined scope, we will openly discuss this with you to find the best solutions.

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