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Reasons why software development projects succeed?

There are a number of articles discussing why software development projects fail. A research study shows that over 30% of projects are closed before completing the process and 50% of projects costs vary from the original cost estimate. Rather than focus on the failures we want to change the mindset and focus on success. This article helps to ensure project success and the steps to take from the beginning.

Gathering requirements clear:

Gathering requirements and analyzing business phases are the first two steps of the development process which determine the design and product development aspect. After collecting and analyzing the requirements along with additional business documents, the business analyst can identify the needs of your customers and then translate it to developers to find the best way to implement the project. If you want to avoid failure, be realistic and do not promise something you cannot offer.

Detail specification about the project:

Once the requirements have been gathered and analyzed, it is necessary to write a scope for the project. It allows both parties to check that all aspects have been included in the contract as discussed and thus avoid any misunderstandings in the future. It is necessary to discuss conditions such as total scope, schedules, payment schedule, and detailed performance criteria for the project.

Involve end users:

Whether the program is used by internal or external users, it is important to understand their requirements. Ignoring this fact often leads to the development of a product that is not used by anyone. Remember to always communicate with your colleagues and customers to prioritize their needs, to ensure your project will be a success. It is helpful to ask for their requirements and comments during development.

Work on Internal Communication:

Communication and establishing good relationships are one of the most important aspects of a successful project. The healthier the workplace, the more successful the work will be. This is why you need to make sure that information is exchanged in a transparent and open manner. When building a team for a new project, it is important to ensure that people have the right skill mix and can work together.


Last but not least, careful testing is necessary to determine how the program works in a new environment. This last phase of the software development life cycle is often ignored and executed hastily, resulting in a product that is subject to errors. When you perform a solid and thorough test before the release date, you can easily discover and fix any potential errors, engaging with end users in the process, allowing you to make sure that the system is easy to use and works in accordance with the requirements.

The failures of software development projects can be easily avoided if you pay close attention to detail and carefully follow the chosen methodology.

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