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Reasons why software development projects fail?

There was a study conducted to find out why software companies are still struggling to deliver the projects to clients with software solutions that meet their needs. It was found that 75% of IT managers projected that their projects may fail!.

Nowadays modern technology is implemented everywhere, even in small shops and automation helps to speed up the workflow of almost every business in the world. Software companies should be aware of this change and should consider difficulties in advance to avoid them.

The most common reasons why software projects fail are :

Not specifying the clear picture of your requirements :

In software development the first step is to gathering all the requirements of the whole process. The salesperson is required to conduct a detail study of your business to determine your actual needs, but it is your responsibility to identify your actual needs and specify them clearly. If communication about the problem is not clearly specified, then it can affect the development process.

Write down your own needs and prepare the relevant documentation beforehand to improve the business analysis process. You can find tips on points to keep in mind during this phase here.

Unrealistic Expectations about the projects:

Customers will often will ask for the delivery of their project as quick as possible with the lowest cost and highest quality. These expectations are unrealistic, yet some companies tend to accept such requirements as long as they win the project. What follows, not surprisingly, is disappointment.After all, money and time play a vital role in the success or failure of projects. The solution for this is if you want your software be good quality, then be realistic of the time and budget. Complex projects will take time to deliver.

Poor communication:

Projects can fail due to lack of a healthy work environment. Although you may not have any knowledge on how a software development company works you can build an active business relationship with them and if you have any doubts or confusion, always ask.

Less Flexible:

Although IT is one of the fastest growing sectors, the number of tools and methodologies to improve the software development process is continuously increasing, and some companies still refuse to change with the flow of information.Depending on your requirements, you can choose a company to work on your project. If you're still struggling to determine your needs, choose a company that uses agile practices.

Poor Testing:

If the software company is behind with delivering the product on time, the tests may be performed quickly, which may result in the product being filled with bugs. One of the best practices to ensure customer satisfaction is to test the customer experience. In this way, the software development company knows that the final product is mostly bugless, but above all the client is comfortable with the product.If you know your product is complex, go agile. The testing methodology ensures that testing will be conducted regularly throughout the development process. So, if you got an opportunity to participate in testing, do it.

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