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  • Resource Management

    With ISH Technologies’ Resource Management software you can perfectly track whether the right resources are working on the right projects and if they are moving as per their time line or not. A tool which shows the real ..

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  • Field Data Collection

    Our field data collection software can be used in remote locations where there is no internet connection available. All details entered are stored in the device and is synced back to an online database when you reach wi-fi coverage.

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  • Asset Management

    our Asset Management software can track your entire hardware, software and virtual infrastructure details of financial, contractual and inventory IT assets. IT assets should be handled well as they are widely used on all working days.

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  • Fleet Management

    ISH Technologies’ Fleet management solution is a web based application built with the latest technologies so that you can access it from anywhere via the internet. It stores and notifies servicing dates and other fuel details and its technical specifications within a single system.

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  • Dashboard Development & Reporting

    ISH Technologies’ dashboard reporting system will provide a realistic view of all information you need about your business, from financial statements and reports, to analytics, charts, forecasts, scorecards, daily job statuses and many more.

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  • Ecommerce Solution

    We have helped numerous clients to change from traditional to online services. We research customer behaviour to examine what motivates them to buy from you and tailor our work around this so that we can create a perfect online shopping experience for your potential buyers.

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