Smart software to schedule jobs to your team; manage equipments and other resources…smartly!

Resource Management

Are you searching for a system that can give a clear picture about your team’s productivity? A solution which helps to assign resources effectively and efficiently to different jobs? A tool which shows the real vision of your bottom line utilisation?

It is not as difficult as you think. You can do all the above mentioned things using a single, smart software – Resource Management software. ISH Technologies’ Resource Management software solution will help you to easily assign resources, allocate hours and adjust or reallocate if needed. Only through efficient and effective personal planning can you achieve your business goals.

What’s In It?

With ISH Technologies’ Resource Management software you can perfectly track whether the right resources are working on the right projects and if they are moving as per their time line or not. You can plan, utilise and manage your resources efficiently and view run time powerful graphical reports with great clarity.

The Core Resource Management Functions Are

  • Allocating jobs and project tracking.

  • Allocating resources based on the nature of projects.

  • Instant adding of new projects by tracking free slots.

  • Calender view and Grid view showing the actual status of work.

  • Cost analysis and graphical view.

  • Automation of tasks with email notification at the right times. No question of ‘What's next?…’

  • All client documents under a single section and instant document retrieval when needed.

  • Managing time sheets.

  • Tracking estimated hours and actual hours to calculate total hours spent by a crew on each project automatically.

  • Sharing of information to relevant departments.

  • Accessibility to the system through secured login.

  • And many more…

See what Sam Says

Our client testimonials

As a business owner, I know the value of teaming up with the right people and I can confidently say that ISH has been a valuable part of our team. They have done an incredible job on our website and have far exceeded my expectations in terms of value, service and results achieved through the functionality and design of the site they have created for us. If any potential ISH Designs customer wants to call me and confirm the above I’d only be too obliged based on the remarkable job they’ve done. I can be reached on 0406 098 704.”


Sam McFarland

Managing Director of Link Properties



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