Stuck in Excel sheets? Using an outdated reporting system? We can give a better business view with easy to use and engaging dashboards.

Custom Dashboard Development And Reporting

We know that you love pictures more than letters and numbers because you understand much better from pictures. That’s why we focus on dashboards with graphics and pictures. Your dashboards will be dynamic, interactive and above all, easy to use. We love to hear “It’s really useful”, and ”It’s beautiful”.

ISH Technologies’ Dashboard Reporting System will provide a realistic view of all information you need about your business, from financial statements and reports, to analytics, charts, forecasts, scorecards, daily job statuses and many more. All data remains safe and can be saved and refreshed at any time, automatically updated, and delivered at scheduled intervals.

All reports are created based on real time reports and activities performing in web services or other mobile platforms which are connected to the dashboard.

From Dashboards To Business Intelligence Tools

Custom Dashboard And Reporting Solution

We know creating a customised dashboard and reporting system isn’t easy. It requires a deep understanding of how to draw and present your important data in a better and easy way that makes sense for people in all departments of your organisation, including bottom line staff. We are experts in developing extensive customised dashboards. Our Dashboard and Reporting system can provide the real solution that your business needs, such as:

  • Easily connects with your data wherever it originates.

  • More emphasis on important metrics.

  • Extensive data visualisation and dashboard reporting.

  • Single view of data to both employees and staff.

  • Accessible from all devices.

  • Tracking window to track your team.

  • Improved productivity levels and substantial time savings.

  • & many more…

See what Sam Says

Our client testimonials

As a business owner, I know the value of teaming up with the right people and I can confidently say that ISH has been a valuable part of our team. They have done an incredible job on our website and have far exceeded my expectations in terms of value, service and results achieved through the functionality and design of the site they have created for us. If any potential ISH Designs customer wants to call me and confirm the above I’d only be too obliged based on the remarkable job they’ve done. I can be reached on 0406 098 704.”


Sam McFarland

Managing Director of Link Properties



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