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Industry - Property Inspection Services

Client -Tierney Property Group

Services Used -Web portal, iPhone App and iPad App


Project brief

ISH Technologies has created a backend for Tierney Property Group, where the business logic for all the upcoming property-related inspections are managed. ISH Technologies has developed APIs, which communicate with iOS App.

The following top level features make the app unique:
  • Allow first user (admin) to create their clients with different APP permissions in a single system

  • Email notifications when registering users into the system

  • Search options in all listing pages

  • Instant App reports view functionality

  • Real time image sharing and details sharing for repairs, damages etc

  • Create custom reports to download inspection APPs submitted by inspectors

  • Offline working mode for iOS and data syncing while connecting to wifi

Technology Stack

  • PHP CodeIgniter Framework

  • MySQLi

  • API to communicate with iOS

  • Bootstrap/ CSS3/ HTML 5 (backend interface)

Major Achievements

  • Effective backend to control the different types of inspections

  • Bringing clarity in all inspection reports by capturing location, date, time and signature to create authority

  • Creating custom reports for different clients is made easy

Platforms and devices

  • iOS – OS 8.0 & above, iPad 3 & Above, Portrait

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