Bespoke software for property appraisal management System

Industry - real estate

Client - link properties

Services used - Custom software development


Link properties had an off the shelf management system, but Link properties work flow and system were convoluted to match this software.

The requirement was to redesign and upgrade the core business system that encompassed many critical business processes across the entire process, such as data capturing, home appraisal, CRM, marketing, and reporting.


Lateral became involved to design, develop system for Link properties. As it was tailored towards the needs of Link properties, and worked same as their current business process flow.

Software Includes:

  • User profile management

  • Activity management

  • Order management

  • Appraisal submission

  • Property value monitoring and report to the client

Technologies used

The web‐based system is written in PHP, using CodeIgniter Web Framework. It works on a Apache server, based on a My SQL database.


The modified system went live in February 2015. It has been very stable ‐ since going live. Link properties manage their home appraisal system without any papers. All documents are saved in digitally and can be accessed anywhere, any time.

Link properties' online appraisal system for employees and partners across the system.

  • Agents can enter data capturing, creating property appraisals online.

  • Marketers and consultants can review/modify the appraisals and inform the property owner in a single click.

  • All appraisal information for each area or agent

  • Admin can monitor individual and company performance.

  • No matter which role the user has, the software provides an informative overview in function‐specific dashboards. Users can drill down into as much information as they need; furthermore, they can export data as csv or pdf format.

Listen to Sam Mcford, Managing Director‐ Link properties:

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