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How Much does an App Cost?

In the last few years mobile technologies and apps have flooded the market place and costs vary depending on each individual situation.

Basic Cost needed to develop an App:

Some factors to consider to develop an app. There are some unavoidable factors, including:

1. MVP (minimum viable product) will give you a clear understanding about your project and how it can evolve in the future.

2. Development type can be considered by an in-house team or outsourced.

3. You decide whether you need an android or iOS app. You can choose both if so, whether it is Hybrid (one app for both platforms) or Native (separate app for each platform).

These are the main basic factors that will influence the cost of your app. Before starting, you have to keep in mind that the person who invests in a mobile app should aim at striking a balance between the three factors. Often the final costing of an app development will involve a compromise, but it is you chooses where to make that compromise.

Quality that Matters:

The quality of your app will depend upon the experience of your development partner. If you need a simple app, you can approach a startup company or you can use a mobile app maker with ready-made modules to create an app. The price would be within the range of $2,000 to $15000 depending on your individual requirements.

If you need a high range app that includes special features like location services, data management, custom features, you are going beyond a simple application. For this type of app the cost starts at $25,000. The cost will change according to the changes you made during the development process.

Investment Opportunities:

When you need a simple app, calculating the cost is simple. If you need a large enterprise app then you need to consider the following factors :

● The size of your business

● App type (sales app, training app)

● The purpose and scale of the app in question

Time is Money:

The development time is a very important factor in calculating the cost of creating an app. The cost will vary from country to country. Outsourcing may reduce the cost of an app and lots of companies choose this option but for it to be successful you need to contract an experienced development team with a disciplined management team.

Choose your Platform: Android or iOS?

The Apple app store has some strict requirements for apps and this will affect the cost of iOS app development. It is preferable to hire a reliable and high level partner with a strong focus on iOS mobile development.Google plays a major role in the app platform. Choose a company that has extensive android expertise.

Mobile App Development costs vary on the complexity. If you need a simple app then the cost will be less. If you need a custom app then the costs will be higher and the costs will also depend on the platform you choose. Once you decide these factors, the next step is to find the right partner to develop your App.

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